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The Federal Standards of Ethical Conduct referenced in 662.1 also contain regulations governing the off-duty behavior of postal employees. Employees must not engage in criminal, dishonest, notoriously disgraceful, immoral, or other conduct prejudicial to the Postal Service employees in the same building may not join unless the credit union is situated so that it is unnecessary to enter the postal workroom. Credit union business cannot be conducted from any post office service window. 613.3 Employees With Credit Union Duties Postal personnel who are employees, officers, officials, or board members o Some rules are designed to protect employees' rights and their safety, while others protect the employer and workplace. Enforce state/city tobacco laws on Postal property and in vehicles. it's been an ongoing one for the U.S. Postal Service throughout the pandemic. In order to ensure workers,... Read More. Latest Audit Asks

Congress afforded the Postal Service broad powers of operation in the marketplace, excluding it from most Federal laws and regulations concerning contracts, property, works, officers, employees, budgets, and funding; as well as the establishment, adjudication, and judicial review of administrative procedures and determinations NALC contract enforcers know that portions of USPS handbooks, manuals and other regulations that directly relate to wages, hours or working conditions are effectively incorporated into the National Agreement through Article 19. NALC has obtained electronic versions of important USPS manuals and handbooks directly from Postal Service headquarters Rules & Regulations - USP

  1. The Postal Service no longer requires employees and contractors who are fully vaccinated for COVID-19 to wear face coverings, except where required by federal, state, local, tribal or territorial laws, rules and regulations, including local business and workplace guidance
  2. (1) Members of the U.S. Postal Service security force shall exercise the powers provided by 18 U.S.C. 3061(c)(2) and shall be responsible for enforcing the regulations in this section in a manner that will protect Postal Service property and persons thereon
  3. Policies, Procedures, and Forms Updates Manuals POM Revision: Modes of Delivery and Delivery Equipment. Effective April 5, 2012, the Postal Service™ will revise Postal Operations Manual (POM) subchapters 61, 63, 64, and 65 in selected subsections to provide updated and revised information and procedures regarding modes of delivery and delivery equipment
  4. July 26, 2021 The Postal Service no longer requires employees and contractors who are fully vaccinated for COVID-19 to wear face coverings, except where required by federal, state, local, tribal or territorial laws, rules and regulations, including local business and workplace guidance. The updated face covering policy, announced July 16, aligns with new..
  5. istrative Support Manual; the Employee and Labor Relations Manual; the Financial.
  6. The Postal Service encourages employees to continue to take precautions — including washing hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds — to prevent the spread of the virus. Also, employees may continue to voluntarily wear face coverings, if they would like to do so
  7. CFR Regulations: Postal Employees Representing other Employees in EEO Cases - A complainant who is an employee of an agency shall have a reasonable amount of official time, if otherwise on duty, to prepare an EEO complaint and to respond to agency and EEOC requests for information

Posting notices on employee bulletin boards as authorized by Title 39, Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 243.2. The solicitation of U.S. Postal Service and other federal military or civilian personnel for contributions by recog-nized agencies as authorized by the Manual on Fund Raising Within Federal Service, issued under Executive Order 12353 39 CFR Chapter I - UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE. CFR. prev | next. SUBCHAPTER A - THE BOARD OF GOVERNORS OF THE U.S. POSTAL SERVICE (Parts 1 - 11) SUBCHAPTER B - INTERNATIONAL MAIL (Part 20) SUBCHAPTER C - POST OFFICE SERVICES [DOMESTIC MAIL] (Parts 111 - 122) SUBCHAPTER D - ORGANIZATION AND ADMINISTRATION (Parts 211 - 281) SUBCHAPTER E.

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  1. The Postal Service is revising its rules concerning employee conduct to specify the circumstances under which a nonbargaining employee may consume intoxicating beverages at an Officer Approved Event or a Postmaster General Approved event
  2. The United States Postal Service has established procedures and regulations that conform to Federal laws on mail delivery. Each carrier and postal employee must follow the rules that relate to each type of delivery such as obtaining signatures when required or delivering to the addressee only
  3. Welcome to USPS.com. Find information on our most convenient and affordable shipping and mailing services. Use our quick tools to find locations, calculate prices, look up a ZIP Code, and get Track & Confirm info
  4. Reviewing USPS Publication 52, Hazardous, Restricted, & Perishable Mail to find out if your item is mailable. Complying with Postal Service ™ regulations and U.S. laws and regulations. Packing your package securely and marking it as required. You can take your package to a Post Office™ location to make sure it is labeled correctly
  5. Longer first-class mail delivery times and cuts to post office hours across the country are among the changes embattled Postmaster General Louis DeJoy announced Tuesday as part of a 10-year plan.
  6. USPS wants employees throughout the organization to understand federal ethics rules and how to follow them. USPS News Link 1/10/19 - If you're a Postal Service employee, you're expected to comply with the federal government's principles and standards of ethical conduct. If this is news to you, don't worry
  7. 453 Controlled Substances and Drugs 453.1 Definitions 453.11 Controlled Substances. A controlled substance is any anabolic steroid, narcotic, hallucinogenic, stimulant, or depressant drug identified in Schedules I through V of the Controlled Substances Act in 21 U.S.C. 801 and the implementing regulations in 21 CFR 1300

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The Postal Service has a new resource to help ensure compliance with its face covering policy in states and cities across the nation. USPS requires all employees to wear face coverings when there is a state or local face covering order or directive in place or when an employee — including those who do not deal directly with the public — cannot achieve or maintain social distancing in the. The postmaster must provide the CMRA with a copy of the DMM regulations relevant to the operation of a CMRA. The CMRA owner or manager must sign the Form 1583-A acknowledging receipt of the regulations. The postmaster must file the original of the completed Form 1583-A at the Post Office and provide the CMRA with a duplicate copy Nothing in these rules shall preempt, limit, or otherwise affect any related state laws. 472.243 Delivery . Mailings bearing the marking for consumer testing can only be delivered to the named addressee under the following conditions: The recipient signing for the article must be an adult of at least 21 years of age Mailbox laws and regulations - conclusion. In summary: USPS has laws and regulations for residential mailboxes, which you may read in all the spare time you probably have! If you don't want to bear the wrath of mail delivery personnel and local postmasters, then know the rules and regulations for post-mount and wall-mounted mailboxes Although USPS has a unique status within the federal government in light of its independence from many federal statutes, the Postal Reorganization Act of 1970, as amended, 39 U.S.C. §§ 101-5605 (2006 & Supp. V 2011) (PRA), explicitly provides that officers and employees of USPS are covered by FECA, including the FECA provisions giving the.

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(a) Except as provided by subsection (b) of this section, and except as otherwise provided in this title or insofar as such laws remain in force as rules or regulations of the Postal Service, no Federal law dealing with public or Federal contracts, property, works, officers, employees, budgets, or funds, including the provisions of chapters 5. Transmittal LetterPostal Employee's Guide to Safety Handbook EL-814 November 2013 Transmittal Letter A. Explanation. The Postal Service® is committed to providing its employees and customers with a safe and healthy environment and complying with applicable safety laws and regulations. A key strategy in the Postal Service' regulations or any state or local laws and regulations applicable to any area in which the property is situated. Enforcement_____ Security Force personnel will exercise the powers of special police and are responsible for enforcing the regulations in this notice in a manner that will protect U.S. Postal Service property Section 666.18 of the Employee & Labor Relations Manual states: No one may take or fail to take a personnel action, or threaten to do so, with respect to any employee or applicant for employment because the employee or applicant discloses information that he or she believes evidences: A violation of any law, rule, or regulation, o

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  1. This is because, under the rules and regulations for disability retirement, an individual must file with the Office of Personnel Management within one year from the date he or she is separated from Federal Service (See 5 C.F.R. Sec. 844.201(a)(1) , where it states that, Except as provided in paragraphs (a)(3) and (a)(4) of this section, an.
  2. ation, and aviation regulations
  3. 432.3 Rifles and Shotguns. Except under 431.2, unloaded rifles and shotguns are mailable.Mailers must comply with the rules and regulations under 27 CFR, Part 478, as well as state and local laws. The mailer may be required by the USPS to establish, by opening the parcel or by written certification, that the rifle or shotgun is unloaded and not ineligible for mailing

The postal system is a strictly regulated part of the federal government. As such, it is very important that postal workers follow the rules for mail delivery carefully to prevent fraud and unauthorized access to personal information. A postal worker found violating any of the rules of mail delivery could face a. The United States has a number of rules and regulations regarding the postal service. The laws surrounding the mail are meant to keep postal service workers and the general public safe. They are also set up to make sure that there aren't any other laws being broken through use of the postal system. If you intend.

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Federal Employees Program. Federal Employees' Compensation Act (FECA) - The full text of the Federal Employees' Compensation Act, 5 U.S.C. 8101 et seq. Regulations Under the FECA (Effective 8/29/2011) - Federal regulations that apply to claims for compensation under the FECA, 20 C.F.R. Part 10 Federal Employees Program Procedure Manual - The procedure manual used by the Federal Employees. answers, 2011 USPS/NALC National Agree-ment (M-01833): 57. How is time credited for transitional employee employment when determin-ing relative standing for CCAs? All time spent on the rolls as a city letter carrier transitional employee after September 29, 2007 will be added to CCA time in an installa-tion to determine relative standing Scammers may charge $40 or more to do what you can do for just $1.05 using the moving section of the official USPS.com website. Go to your local post office and request the Mover's Guide packet. Inside the packet is PS Form 3575. Fill out this change of address form and give it to a postal worker behind the counter Scheduling laws exist to help employees plan their schedules, stay well-rested, and keep their budgets in check. Some scheduling laws include how often you can require an employee to work. Many employees work closing shifts and then are expected to work the next day, and this is typically called a Clopen (close/open) shift New USPS work rules threaten postal jobs and services. By Joe Piette posted on July 24, 2020. As if pandemic challenges, a deep financial crisis and an openly hostile president were not bad enough, over 600,000 postal workers also face new work rules which impose speedups, while delaying the delivery of first-class mail and parcels

Postal Employee's Guide to Safety August 2006 Handbook EL-814 Transmittal Letter A. Explanation. The Postal Service is committed to providing its employees and customers with a safe and healthy environment and complying with applicable safety laws and regulations. A key strategy in the Posta (a) Except as provided in § 2635.107, a violation of this part or of supplemental agency regulations may be cause for appropriate corrective or disciplinary action to be taken under applicable Governmentwide regulations or agency procedures. Such action may be in addition to any action or penalty prescribed by law. (b) It is the responsibility of the employing agency to initiate appropriate. The Hatch Act restricts federal employee participation in certain partisan political activities. The political activity restrictions apply during the entire time of an employee's federal service.

The United States Postal Inspection Service (USPIS), or the Postal Inspectors, is the law enforcement arm of the United States Postal Service.It supports and protects the U.S. Postal Service, its employees, infrastructure, and customers by enforcing the laws that defend the nation's mail system from illegal or dangerous use The federal regulations state [n]otwithstanding the provisions of any other law, rule or regulation, no person while on postal property may carry firearms, either openly or concealed, or. Updated 8/5/2020. National Labor Relations Act. NLRB Rules and Regulations - Part 101 (Statements of Procedure) NLRB Rules and Regulations - Part 102 (Rules and Regulations) - eCFR Section 102* NLRB Rules and Regulations - Part 103 (Other Rules) - eCFR Section 103 * On May 30, 2020, the United States District Court for the District of Columbia issued an order in AFL-CIO v

More information is available in the supplemental standards section of the standards of ethical conduct for employees of the executive branch, which applies to postal employees. If you have questions, call the USPS ethics hotline at 202-268-6346 or send an email to ethics.help@usps.gov Rules relating to appointments, penalties, and appeal of employees excluded from the operation of the Central Civil Services (Classification, Control and Appeal) Rules 1965 Schedules showing the administrative powers of the different classes of Officers of the Indian Postal Department, Other than those vested in and exercised by them under Source for all postal workers and employees for postal news, postal forums, postal resources, postal benefits, and much more! Letter carriers, clerk craft, mail handlers, rural carriers, postal managers, postal supervisors, postmasters and all other postal employees are welcome. We offer postal news, post office news, postal service news, letter carrier and clerk craft news as well as news for. The issues to be decided is whether USPS's unilateral implementation of RMD/eRMS and related practices/policies in dispute are inconsistent or in conflict with or violate collective bargaining agreement, existing leave rules, regulations. The case is tentatively scheduled for arbitration on October 16-17

Legal Rights of Pregnant Workers under Federal Law. If you are pregnant, have been pregnant, or may become pregnant, and if your employer has 15 or more employees, you are protected against pregnancy-based discrimination and harassment at work under federal law. You may also have a legal right to work adjustments that will allow you to do your. Employers of safety-sensitive transportation employees play a vital role in ensuring the safety of their employees and the traveling public. Employers are responsible for developing and implementing successful DOT workplace drug and alcohol programs that have as their components clear policies, provisions for education and training, drug and alcohol testing, and when needed, referral for. USPS wants to help you understand the rules and how to follow them. Throughout 2019, the organization will educate employees about the rules, which include the 14 general principles of ethical conduct, the standards of ethical conduct for employees of the executive branch, the supplemental standards of ethical conduct for Postal Service.

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Portal for Federal rulemaking. Allows the public to find, review, and submit comments on Federal documents that are open for comment and published in the Federal Register, the Government's legal newspaper USPS offers guidelines for workers. April 15, 2020 at 12:23 p.m. USPS wants employees to understand the rules about accepting gifts during the coronavirus pandemic. The Postal Service is reminding employees of the rules about accepting gifts from outside sources during the coronavirus national health emergency. As the men and women of the. Note: Consistent with 225.12, 235.12, 245.12, and 255.12, the customer must present any item bearing a handwritten PS Form 2976-R to an employee at a Post Office retail service counter. 123.73 PS Form 2976-E, Customs Declaration Envelope — CP 91, and PS Form 2976-ES, Small Customs Form Envelop United States Postal Service. Office of the Consumer Advocate. 475 L' Enfant Plaza, SW. Washington, D.C. 20260-0004. Theft, Fraud, or Waste by the USPS or a USPS Employee. File a complaint with the USPS Office of the Inspector General (OIG) by: Filing an online complaint. Calling 1-888-USPS-OIG (1-888-877-7644) Finding more information about. The USPS has made a commitment that any action taken as a result of the outplacement protocols will be in compliance with the Employee and Labor Relations Manual (ELM), the Federal Employees' Compensation Act (FECA), the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), the Rehabilitation Act, and all other applicable rules, regulations, or statutes


The following are some important general safety rules that each employee is required to follow, regardless of work assignments. 1. Lifting improperly is a major factor of the tremendous number of claims for back injuries. The following procedures should be followed: a. Size up the load; make sure it is stable and balanced He may keep his weapon in the car in post office parking lot, judge says. USPS regulations prohibit having a weapon on post office property. It is still illegal to carry a firearm inside a post office An employee who has been separated, downgraded, or furloughed for more than 30 days by RIF has the right to appeal the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) if the employee believes that the agency did not properly follow the RIF regulations. The released employee must file the appeal during the 30‑day period beginning the day after the.

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The FMLA only requires unpaid leave. However, the law permits an employee to elect, or the employer to require the employee, to use accrued paid vacation leave, paid sick or family leave for some or all of the FMLA leave period. An employee must follow the employer's normal leave rules in order to substitute paid leave The FBI is investigating Louis DeJoy and the fundraising activity of his former company, a spokesman for the postmaster general confirmed to The Washington Post.. Employees at DeJoy's former. We are hiring a Warehouse Manager in Atlanta GAfor a new distribution center POSITION SUMMARY The Warehouse Managerwill be reporting to the Director and will assist.

Palmerola International Airport (Soto Cano Air Base) is a Honduran military base 5 mi (8.0 km) to the south of Comayagua in Honduras and from November 2021 will be the principle gateway to Honduras. It houses 1,200-1,500 U.S. troops and is also used by the Honduran Air Force academy. The airbase became operational in 1940, changing the old location of the Honduras Air Force Academy in. Apple to scan U.S. iPhones for images of child abuse. FILE - In this Feb. 17, 2016, file photo an iPhone is seen in Washington. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster, File) (AP) - Apple unveiled plans to scan.

A five month investigation into the conduct of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo found evidence of sexual harassment towards 11 current and former employees, and a sexist and hostile workplace. Nancy Pelosi, President Biden, and many more Democrats have called for Cuomo to resign, but so far he has refused.A National Labor Relations Board officer found that Amazon broke federal labor laws, in. <p>United States Postal Service</p><p>External Publication for Job Posting 10635623</p><p>If this job requires qualification on an examination, the number of applicants who will be invited to take or retake the</p><p>examination may be limited.</p><p>Branch</p><p>New York Metro Processing Ops Division</p><p>Job Posting Period</p><p>08/02/2021 - 08/06/2021</p><p>This job has an exam requirement.

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USPS to Implement Pilot Program to 'Outsource' Injured On Duty Employees - The Postal Service has informed NPMHU of its intentions to implement an Outplacement Pilot Program in conjunction with the OWCP. The program is intended to develop work opportunities outside USPS for employees who have sustained job-related illness or injury (IOD) May 19, 2021 The requirement for Postal Service employees to use face coverings or masks continues when social distancing of six (6) feet cannot be maintained, or in public-facing settings when required by state or local orders or directives. Throughout the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the Postal Service has continued to fulfill its critical mission to.. It is the mailer's responsibility to refrain from depositing nonmailable matter in the mail. The mailer must comply with applicable postal laws and regulations governing mailability and preparation for mailing, as well as nonpostal laws and regulations on the possession, treatment, transmission, or transfer of particular matter The Postal Service's USO includes a requirement to provide mail services to everyone, regardless of where they live, and for at least one mail product, at a uniform price. Other features of the USO are understood to include frequency of delivery, a range of product offerings, access to mail services, and quality of service

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The following rules and regulations apply to Postal Service employees who use social media in their official capacity to communicate with the public or Postal Service employees. a. The web is not anonymous. Generally, everything that you post is accessible to anyone with a browser USPS Hold Mail® - The Basic The law contains certain protections for employees that prohibit employers from displacing any employee in order to hire someone at the youth minimum wage. Compensatory Time: Under certain prescribed conditions, employees of State or local government agencies may receive compensatory time off, at a rate of not less than one and one-half hours. A good faith determination that the action is permitted under 18 U.S.C.A. §2511. Under 18 U.S.C.A. §2511 (2) (d), it is a complete defense where a person is a party to the intercepted communication or where one of the parties has given prior consent. Employers are also exempted for listening into calls, in the ordinary course of business The EEOC is responsible for enforcing federal laws that make it illegal to discriminate against a job applicant or an employee because of the person's race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy), national origin, age (40 or older), disability, or genetic information

Diabetes is a group of diseases characterized by high blood glucose or sugar levels that result from defects in the body's ability to produce and/or use insulin. 4 Insulin is a hormone that helps the glucose enter the body's cells to give them energy. With Type 1 diabetes, the body does not make insulin. With Type 2 diabetes, the more common. POM Revision: Smoking. Effective May 15, 2014, the Postal Service™ is revising the Postal Operations Manual (POM) section 124.532 to clarify the definition of smoking.. 124.532Smoking [Revise the text of 124.532 to read as follows:] Smoking (having a lighted or activated electronic cigar, cigarette, pipe, or other smoking material) is strictly prohibited in all buildings or office space. Employees can contact their local health department or IDPH at 1-800-889-3931 or by emailing dph.sick@illinois.gov. Do health and safety laws and rules protect immigrant workers? Yes. Health and safety laws apply to all employees, regardless of immigrationstatus In this Act, fine print and complex regulations abound. And all these rules must be followed for it to be a successful claim. So this isn't just a broad-sweeping policy; it's the law. So federal tort law makes it possible to file a lawsuit against post office employees only when you comply

In a standard 8 hour work day, many women will need to pump about 3 times for 15 minutes each (20-25 minutes including set up and clean up). In some professions, this will be challenging, so figure out what you can reasonably manage. Figure out where you'll be pumping, and request access or a lock or whatever you need From Feb. 1 through April 30, USPS installations are required to post a copy of OSHA Form 300A in a conspicuous place at every establishment where employees work or report to work. Enforcing heat safety rules USPS offers reminder to employees about holiday gifts. December 2, 2020. With the holiday season underway, the USPS Ethics Office wants to remind employees about the rules regarding gifts. Employees may not accept gifts from contractors, vendors, suppliers or customers. Employees also may not accept gifts given to them because of their Postal. When employers use video cameras to monitor employees, they must have a legitimate business reason. State privacy laws may determine the extent at which video monitoring is considered legitimate and therefore lawful (check with your state labor agency for more details). Most of these laws limiting video camera use in the workplace pertain to. David Van Allen, regional spokesman for the U.S. Postal Service, said in an interview that postal employees are subject to obeying local traffic laws and ordinances just like any other citizen

But that 10 year period ended in 2016, so it can't be blamed for current USPS woes. We are now in the follow-on period in which the USPS is intended to be amortizing its remaining unfunded. Federal employees, including USPS employees, face discrimination in the workplace in the same way that other employees do. However, the legal process for handling these claims is much different than handling other employees' claims. Unlike other employees, federal employees who face discrimination are not allowed to immediately file with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). [ Counted as worktime if employee is required to remain on duty on premises or at a prescribed worksite. Additional ½ hour, before or during overtime, for employees working 3 or more hours beyond regular workday. No employee shall be required to work more than five consecutive hours without a meal period. Administrative regulation

Applicants and employees may obtain exceptions to rules or policies in order to follow their religious beliefs or practices. Remember that employers may grant these accommodations for religious reasons but still refuse to grant them for secular reasons. Examples of common religious accommodations include Rules for appealing a Post Office closure are located here. FILING A COMPLAINT. A complaint proceeding is a complex legal proceeding that typically requires an attorney's assistance. The Commission accepts complaints on matters involving allegations that the Postal Service is not complying with certain laws or regulations Regulatory Bulletins Informational in nature - Guidance, not mandates 22 • FMR B-1 Acquisition and display of official U.S. Government license plates and other motor vehicle identification • FMR B-2 Use of hand-held wireless telephones • FMR B-3 Use of tobacco products in motor vehicles • FMR B-6 Proceeds from sale of agency-owned vehicle Management estimated USPS saved about $8 billion in labor costs from fiscal years 2016 to 2019 by using non-career employees. The good news is non-career turnover decreased from 42.8 percent in 2016 to 38.5 percent in 2019. However, that still exceeded the Postal Service's 2019 target rate for non-career turnover of 34.08 percent

Before any contractor engaged directly by the USPS begins work in any USPS facility, the USPS will require such contractor to certify in accordance with applicable procurement laws and USPS policies that: all work, including work performed by subcontractors, will be performed by qualified individuald as defined in 29 C.F.R. § 1910.399; all. The FDIC provides a wealth of resources for consumers, bankers, analysts, and other stakeholders. Browse our collection of financial education materials, data tools, documentation of laws and regulations, information on important initiatives, and more Section 2. Leave Regulations The leave regulations in Subchapter 510 of the Employee and Labor Relations Manual, insofar as such regulations establish wages, hours and working conditions of employees covered by this Agreement, shall remain in effect for the life of this Agreement. The ELM defines which employee classifications ar