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LASIK surgery in Mexico, Costa Rica, and India, is cheap and of high-quality. Though it might seem incredible, it is true that medical tourism can offer excellent eye treatment at the lowest possible costs. LASIK surgery - An Introduction LASIK stands for Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis One of the cheapest places for LASIK eye surgery is India, where the operation only costs $850. What Are The Popular Countries For LASIK Surgery? India, Spain, Thailand, Mexico and UAE are some countries which are popular for LASIK treatment LASIK eye surgery involves the use of specialized lasers to improve vision. It can be fairly expensive, and it is often not covered by insurance, prompting some people to get the surgery in other countries where it is cheaper

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  1. g an increasingly popular choice. Procedures such as LASIK laser eye surgery, cataract surgery, glaucoma surgery, squint correction and the latest intraocular lenses are available at very competitive prices, and many.
  2. The cheapest proper LASIK surgery can be found in Egypt, for just $203. The most expensive eye care procedure listed on our website is the strabismus correction surgery in Israel, which costs $13,345. The most expensive LASIK procedure is in the UK, and it costs $5,211. The Most Popular Destination
  3. Price is not the only criterion, unless, I suppose, you are in the US! Ask yourself Who is the cheapest brain surgeon to operate on my brain tumour?, it may give you a wider perspective
  4. I'm not an ophthalmologist and didn't have any idea about the best refractive surgeries when I wanted to go for vision correction myself in the first place. I have been staying in States for more than 5 years now. When I was planning to get my vis..
  5. In 2020, the maximum annual employee contribution to an FSA is $2,750. But, with the average cost of LASIK surgery at $2,246 per eye in 2019, it's likely you will need more than the FSA to pay for your procedure. Another option is to set tax-free money aside in a Health Savings Account (HSA) to pay for LASIK surgery
  6. Why Cheap LASIK Just Isn't Worth the Savings. LASIK surgery permanently reshapes your cornea to correct vision. There are many companies out there offering cheap and low-cost LASIK procedures, but these are often bait-and-switch type of operations. ( Learn More) Large chains may go for quantity over quality, trying to pump out as many.
  7. It's no surprise then, that about a year ago I chose to get Lasik eye surgery. Despite having some major fears, it has proven time and time again to be one of the best investments I've ever made. While it can be expensive -- the national average cost of Lasik is $4,518 - I have never thought twice about the cost

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Table comparing cost difference in eye surgery in different countries. Eye surgery cost in South Korea is surprisingly low. As you can tell, the U.S. consistently ranks as the most expensive place to get laser eye surgery, and India is the cheapest As you can see, getting laser eye surgery abroad can be considerably less expensive than in the UK, with European countries like the Czech Republic and Hungary offering very cheap laser eye surgery. This is often due to a number of factors including a lower cost of living, as well as a beneficial exchange rate A cataract is present when the lens, which is normally clear, becomes cloudy. This restricts the amount of light that is able to enter the eye, causing blurred vision, dazzle and glare. A cataract can be treated by an operation to remove the cloudy lens. This does not involve laser treatment. A lens implant is inserted into the eye to replace. The average cost of LASIK varied by region, but not by much. Only $125 separated the cheapest region (Southwest, $2,042) from the second-most-expensive region (Northeast, $2,167). LASIK surgery in the West region was slightly higher than the rest, averaging $2,235. LASIK was a little more affordable in smaller cities Although Lasik eye surgery can be a life-changing solution that can correct one's vision and keep a person from needing eyeglasses or contact lenses, it is important to watch for the cost associated with the procedure. The process can be expensive and in most cases is not actually covered by an insurance policy. You can find a cheap Lasik eye surgery cost in many places around the world

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  1. The cost of LASIK surgery will vary depending on the procedure that is right for your vision correction. The LASIK Vision Institute strives to offer some of the most competitive rates and transparent pricing to make your cost of LASIK surgery clear-cut and up front. There are many options that help make LASIK eye surgery more affordable for you
  2. Find the best Laser Eye Surgery/Lasik near you on Yelp - see all Laser Eye Surgery/Lasik open now. Explore other popular Health & Medical near you from over 7 million businesses with over 142 million reviews and opinions from Yelpers
  3. Most patients are very pleased with the results of their refractive surgery. However, like any other medical procedure, there are risks involved. That's why it is important for you to understand.

LASIK's improvements are temporary. If you want to keep the same vision as you had after the surgery, you'll eventually have to get lased again.----- Wrong. I know more than 10 people who had LASIK around the same time as I did (Jan. 2000) 6 0f us went to the same ophthalmologist, None of us have needed any further LASIK enhancement GET DIRECTIONS. 8930 Keystone Crossing. Indianapolis, Indiana 46240. The Lasik Plus Vision Center in Indianapolis, Indiana is located on the same property as the Fashion Mall at Keystone at the Crossing. We are in a single-story stand alone building across the drive from Benihana Suite 325. Houston, Texas 77098. The Lasik Plus Vision Center in Houston / River Oaks, TX is located on Buffalo Speedway, just south of the Richmond Ave. intersection. When traveling south, our building (3700) is the first driveway on the right, immediately after Chase Bank. Lasik Plus is located in the large red-brick building People usually choose big cities like Bangkok or Phuket to get the liposuction as it is easy to find cheap flights there. Thailand is the most popular destination for Australians. Even with all the spending in Thailand, they pay less than in Australia. More benefits of lipoplasty in Thailand: Thailand is a famous exotic country About where is the cheapest place to get Lasik eye surgery in the Fresno area When people come to our office that have had problems from cheap places, we send them to the Maloney institute to be fixed. Dr. Maloney is the best there is and only refers to the best. Do not do any less for yourself. You will be sorry

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  1. Dünyagöz Eye LASIK Center offers one of the most affordable prices for the surgery over the world. 30-50% cheaper to get LASIK eye surgery here than in German or Israeli medical centers. Dünyagöz Hospitals Group offers to perform lasik eye surgery from $1200. The hospital ranking is 3.7 according to 3 patient reviews
  2. Beware Cheap LASIK Offers or Coupons. There are many ways to get price reductions on LASIK. For example, choosing a LASIK surgery center rather than an individual surgeon can often get you access to medical professionals with experience and good equipment at a lower price because they pay less to rent or own office space
  3. Recent market data found that the average LASIK cost without insurance fell in these ranges (amounts are per eye): 9.9% of LASIK surgeries cost between $2,501-$3,000. 43.8% of LASIK surgeries cost between $2,001-$2,500. 37.2% of LASIK surgeries cost between $1,501-$2,000. 9.1% of LASIK surgeries cost between $1,001-$1,500
  4. Cheapest Price (Per Eye) £595. Average Price (Per Eye) £1500. When shopping around for laser eye surgery, you will notice that there are big differences in the cost at different eye care clinics. Prices can range from as little as £595 per eye up to as much as £3,495 per eye. It can be very tempting to choose the clinic advertising the.
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SMG - The Lasik Surgery Clinic. 290 Orchard Road Paragon #13-01/06, Singapore, 238859. Advanced diagnostic and specialist medical services are provided at this clinic located at Orchard Road in Singapore. Low cost and high quality services are offered for international patients at the clinic First, don't look for the cheapest LASIK center. Pay for quality! I asked my eye doctor who was recommended and asked them to explain the differences in the cheap vs expensive LASIK. Basically, those places advertising on the radio offer a teaser price. I was told few people could get the vision they wanted at the 500 per eye price LASIK is a popular eye surgery in Singapore, being a myopia capital where 80% of our youths are short-sighted.Medically known as Laser-assisted in situ Keratomileusis, LASIK uses a laser to sculpt or shape your cornea, changing the way light bends into your eye and voila, correcting your refractive errors (myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism).. We've all heard the raving reviews from friends and. Additionally, if you have or are able to get some kind of vision insurance, they often give 20% discounts on cosmetic eye surgery. And lastly, if you haven't already please go get a free consultation to make sure that it is actually an option for you. I also considered LASIK a few years ago only to find out my corneas are too thin for the surgery

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For each eye doctor at Palmetto Eye & Laser Center, Keeping You in Sight has always meant dedication to the needs and concerns of our patients. Every patient is considered and treated as a member of our family. Quality patient care is a priority. Palmetto Eye & Laser Center strives to provide the highest level of eye health care and eye. The TLC Madison LASIK Center sets the Gold Standard for outstanding patient experiences and outcomes. We are eager to start you on your path to better vision. As National Medical Director of TLC Laser Eye Centers, Dr. Louis Probst trains surgeons, lectures internationally and has authored five books and and over 80 book chapters on LASIK. He. LASIK surgery cost - More than just the price. LASIK eye surgery cost is about much more than monetary value. When considering LASIK surgery prices, you might be tempted to choose the cheapest provider, but doing so could risk your chances of a successful outcome. Cheap surgery often means a less experienced surgeon, older equipment, and.

Fortunately, All on 4 dental implants cost abroad goes from 1.800 GBP to 9.000 GBP. Cheap dental implants abroad are possible due to the low cost of living in those countries and currencies exchange rates. Even adding the extra expenses such as flights and lodging, the final cost is still considerably cheaper than the cost of dental implants UK Get 20% off LASIK at TLC—Nationwide Locations. Glasses & Sunglasses. Save an Average of $325 on Nike Prescription Sunglasses. Glasses & Sunglasses. Save Up to 40%* on SunSync Light-Reactive Lenses. + 1 more offers. Glasses & Sunglasses. Save up to 40% on all TechShield® Anti-Reflective Coatings. Hearing Aids

Whether you wear glasses or contacts, or opt for LASIK, you can always learn more about your preferred corrected vision care. Find information about lenses, frames, and laser eye surgeries. All Topics. Ask an Eye Doctor. Contact Lenses. Diabetes Care. Eye Health and Wellness. Eyewear, Lenses, and LASIK. Lenses Trusted and Experienced LASIK Surgeons Near Me. Finding the right LASIK surgeon near you can affect the entire LASIK surgery experience. From the moment you go into the office for your qualification appointment all the way to the time you go in for your last post operative visit, you want your experience to exceed your expecatations

Advanced cataract surgery with presbyopia-correcting lenses will run you an average of $4,337 per eye; this, too is less expensive than it was in 2010, when the same surgery averaged $4,461. This cost is comparable to that of laser surgery procedures to correct presbyopia, such as multifocal LASIK surgery. Recently, laser cataract surgery has. I had lasik at Bumrungrad over ten years ago, it was much cheaper then of course. I was fairly short sighted. I had an eye test today, annual check up, optometrist said the lasik is holding up well. Script is still less then -1 each eye If you are interested in LASIK, it's likely that you have seen ads from national LASIK providers for LASIK starting at $220 or $250 per eye.But can you really have LASIK for $220 or $250? We are frequently asked about these ads at 20/20 Institute. It's important to know a few things about national providers using low prices to attract potential patients ICON LASIK® Eye Surgery. If you have been looking for ways to get rid of your glasses or contact lenses, LASIK eye surgery might be right for you.Our dedicated team of surgeons can reshape your cornea to correct for myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism, and improve your long-term vision LASIK@Home was founded in 2004 by Dr. Amir Khadim, M.D., Ph.D. A pioneer in the field of LASIK surgery, Dr. Khadim performed more than two thousand LASIK procedures at the prestigious Bennett Eye Care Institute in New York City before leaving to develop LASIK@Home.He has received awards for excellence from both the Optical Surgeons of America (OSOA) and the Manhattan Ophthalmologists.

However, to get an idea, Zyoptix ultimate (blade surgery) costs between 35,000 Rupees to 50,000 Rupees and Femto Lasik (bladefree surgery) costs about 70,000 Rupees to 1 Laksh Rupees in India. This can be higher in even top hospitals as well 155 reviews of TLC Laser Eye Centers Getting lasik here was incredible. I would give it 6 stars because everything exceeded my expectations. They perform more than ten surgeries a week, but you feel like they care about you and don't rush though the process. All the doctors involved were amazing. The results are also excellent - they took me from -6.5 nearsightedness in both eyes to 20/20. LASIK FAQs. LASIK Financing. Come into one of our South Florida Offices in Aventura, Plantation, or Weston for a free LASIK consultation to see if you are a candidate. We have many financing options available in our office - just ask! Call 954-452-9922 for more information about our LASIK center

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The Most Popular Question. While charges for LASIK procedures vary widely by practice and region, the average cost of LASIK is between $1,500 to $3,000 per eye depending on the type of the procedure, surgeon and region of the country. Often extremely low prices of $399 or $695 are very unrealistic and considered bait and switch pricing Dr. Yaldo was Michigan's first to perform CATz, the most precise form of Lasik available, surpassing even the most advanced wavefront-guided Laser eye surgery Michigan treatments. Read Story. In most of our patients, CATz Lasik produces Super-Normal Vision, which is defined as better than 20-20 vision En Español. The average out-of-pocket cost of cataract surgery is $3,500 per eye, based on most recent estimates ( updated April 21, 2021 ). The cost estimate reflects a standard cataract surgery procedure not covered by private insurance or Medicare, both of which could offset the out-of-pocket expense significantly The Houston LASIK Vision Center is built on this principal and it is the primary reason for our success. LASIK eye surgery as well as other common laser vision correction procedures such as PRK (Photo Refractive Kerotectomy) were first approved by the FDA in 1995 LASIK: Your vision Coverage is available in many parts of the country from just $14 a month and includes $15 copays for exams. Get the best, cheap vision insurance for seniors Check out.

LASIK. Phone number for Eye Care Appointments. 1-833-LASER-99. Save $1,000 on Laser Vision Correction Surgery. From June 14, 2021 until September 30, 2021, Mass Eye and Ear is pleased to offer $1,000 off laser vision correction surgery.*. Call 1-833-LASER-99 or email MEERefractive@meei.harvard.edu to schedule your consultation. *$1,000 total or. Eye Exams Near You: Check out these coupons & discounts on eye exams near you and save up to 50-90%! $1000 Off Custom LASIK Eye Surgery for Both Eyes at The LASIK Vision Institute. Prescription Eyeglasses or Sunglasses at Optical Reflections (Up to 72% Off). Complete Pair of US-Made Prescription Glasses from OvernightGlasses.com (35% Off) The Best Eye Clinics in Singapore. We won't keep you waiting any longer, so here's our list of the best eye clinics in Singapore. You can trust our good eye because we only listed clinics with impressive reviews, a wide range of expertise, reasonable prices, and the necessary medical licenses America's Best. Americas Best offers eye exams for $45. This fee might be waived if you purchase two pairs of glasses from the company. Contact lens eye exams are a bit more expensive and cost $79. America's Best also offers free contact lens exams for three years (up to 2 exams per year) for its Eyecare club members

Good luck with this procedure to the OP. I had the surgery 18 years ago, complete success and best £2,000 ever spent. However the procedure was done in my home city after much friendly mentoring from excellent staff I trusted. Also the after care for 6 months was very thorough. You may not get this having the operation in a far away country

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  1. ant eye) and therefore cutting cost by half, while enjoying a 20/18 vision! 2. The staff are friendly and.
  2. imum fare is 4,600 pesos ($1.90). There is also no need to tip the driver. In my experience, you can go most places in Medellín for less than 12,000 pesos
  3. Eye Solutions, Inc. is a thriving optometry practice in Ardmore, Oklahoma. Dedicated to providing outstanding eye care to patients of every age, Eye Solutions was established in 2004 by Dr. Sarah Litteken Ross. Our optometrist, Dr. Sarah Ross, takes pride in providing you with the best vision care possible
  4. Compare it like this: PRK recovery is a long, up and down, cross-country train ride. While LASIK recovery is a quick non-stop flight. Well, all-aboard the long-haul PRK express for me! PRK Is a Good Long-term Investment. The return on that investment is limited only by your age. The older you get, the less viable the procedure is, particularly.
  5. I had lasik done home here in Calgary. It's not the most comfortable procedure and I was VERY sensitive to sunlight for a few days afterwards. It was a few years ago now that I had the procedure but, to the best of my recollection, there was a lot of follow-up visits required after the procedure - i.e. the next day, two days after that, a week or so later, then a month and then every couple of.

ReLEx SMILE ™ is a flap-less laser eye surgery treatment for short-sightedness. ReLEx SMILE ™ is a minimally invasive alternative to conventional laser eye surgery pioneered by Carl Zeiss Meditec. This revolutionary technique turns LASIK into a keyhole procedure. SMILE ™ is short for Small Incision Lenticule Extraction Adhering to international standards, the hospitals make use of cutting edge technology and modern surgical equipment to perform low cost LASIK eye surgery in Mexico. No language barriers: The topnotch hospitals of the country have English-speaking staff. World-class eye doctors: Mexico is home to many highly trained doctors Answer 1 of 22: I'll be travelling to Bangkok after COVID travel restrictions end in 2021. I just emailed Bumrungrad about their estimated cost of LASIK for both eyes and they gave me a quote of around $5k?! I read other forum posts from 2017 which suggested..

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The average cost of some eye care products and procedures are as follows: Eye Exam1. $206. Eyeglasses2. $159 - $500. Contact Lenses3. $200 - $2,000 a year. LASIK4. $2,246 per eye Latest Equipment and LASIK Techniques. Choose a doctor and clinic which uses regularly updated equipment and state of the art techniques to ensure you are getting the best results. Two of the very latest techniques that are used by the best clinics are Bladeless Technology for the flap creation stage of the procedure and also Wavefront-guided.

There are places where you can get it for as cheap as $2000 in the US but the older I get the more I believe that you get what you paid for, and when it comes to the only set of eyes I'll ever have I'm not going to Dr. Nick Rivera.-- Although LASIK has been performed on children as young as 16 years of age, it is good to know that the procedure is not right for children. That is because, the body is still changing and even the eyes are still trying to get their correct places; however, 20 is a good age to get LASIK surgery because 95% of your body has finished developing This is not about the site cheap Lasik info that talks about health issues but not cheap Lasik information. Nor about the referral site cheap Lasik that only refers with links but does not inform. This article is to discuss whether you really should look for the cheapest Lasik surgery price when it comes to your vision and what you will find

LASIK Vision Services Through partnerships with some of the country's largest LASIK service providers, AlwaysCare offers access to exclusive discounts on elective, outpatient refractive surgery for vision correction. (Not an insured benefit.). Click one of the links below to learn more about one of our partners If its not dirt cheap he wont buy them, and suffer instead. We tried LensCrafters and they were not only horribly rude about it, they insisted that it wasn't possible to buy basic lenses for less than $184. (I am a little confused since I bought my $200 designer frames there with all the whistles my lenses could get a year ago for $290.98.) We.

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LASIK surgery costs can naturally vary between LASIK centers so the owner/operator can price surgeries competitively and still keep the lights on. Where that business is located in the country weighs heavily on a business owner's cost and subsequently drives eye surgery cost If you can get an eye exam and get your prescription at an optical store, you can order cute glasses from many online places and get a deal. Helpful(0 ) Report Abuse Blanca C LASIK is the safe and effective treatment for correcting common vision problems such as nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. LASIK can eliminate the need for glasses and contact lenses by permanently restoring your vision. ‍. During laser eye surgery, lasers are used to cut and reshape the cornea The most popular form of laser eye surgery is laser-assisted in-situ keratomileusis, or Lasik for short. More than 85% of laser eye surgery patients in Europe and the US opt for it

Mexico. $960. Tooth implants are available in a number of countries around the world. The procedure is the most expensive in USA, where is costs an average of $6000. On the other hand, it is much cheaper in countries like Mexico, Thailand, Costa Rica, Poland, Hungary and Turkey, where it costs lesser than $800 The Truth About Lasik Eye Surgery: What Nobody Tells You Before Going Under The Laser. A patient going through eye surgery at the Phyo charity clinic in Yangon September 4, 2014. R. I walked. LASIK surgery is the most common and popular form of laser eye surgery available today. During LASIK (laser-assisted in-situ keratomileusis), a laser cuts a thin flap of tissue off your cornea, about 100-180 microns thick, which includes both the epithelial (outermost layer) and a portion of the stroma layer Walmart's Vision Center carries all the major brand names that you trust at low prices you can count on. Whether you need new glasses, new contacts or a quick checkup, we're here to help. Schedule your next eye exam at the Walmart Vision Center nearest you. Electrode, App- category-app, Comp- e6e31c58-c9b6-4dc0-b31c-1bb836bf377c, DC- eus2-prod. Since its founding in 1993, Yaldo Eye Center has been Michigan's leading eye care center for cutting-edge Lasik, Glaucoma treatment, Cataract removal, and all other eye-related conditions. Today, Yaldo Eye Center has served patients all over Michigan and the Midwest through our locations in Farmington Hills and Garden City

Lasik surgery cost in Pune can range from 35, 000 INR for a standard Lasik procedure to 70,000 INR for a blade-free procedure for both the eyes. Asian Eye Hospital and Lasik Laser Institute is a trustworthy place to go to. Lasik surgery cost in Mumbai costs from 20,000 INR to 50,000 INR and can cost up to a lakh, depending on the type of. The truth is LASIK is the safest, most successful, and most studied elective procedure. LASIK eye surgery also has the highest patient satisfaction rate of any elective procedure! Get the facts on LASIK. Believing LASIK myths can cause you to deal with less-than-ideal vision for longer than necessary LASIK, which stands for laser in-situ keratomileusis, is a popular surgery to correct vision in people who are nearsighted or farsighted, or who have astigmatism. Learn more about the LASIK eye. Best Eye Insurance For Contacts : Where To Get Cheap Eye Exams Clark Howard. At america's best you can get sofmed ® breathables tm monthly contacts for only $ 11/month. Vision center hours are typically monday through sunday, 7 a.m. Vsp offers low copays, high allowances, and is widely accepted across the In general, both surgeries cost about $2,500-$5,000. PRK may be more expensive than LASIK because of the need for more post-op check-ins to remove the bandage and monitor your eye's healing over.

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Jo Jorgensen's Big Idea: A truly market-based system of health care, like Lasik surgery The Libertarian Party 2020 presidential nominee shares her plan to drive health care costs dow In a recent FDA study, More than 95% of participants were satisfied with their vision following LASIK surgery. Call 214-328-0444 to schedule your free LASIK consult!. CLICK HERE for Your Free LASIK Info Book! Finding the best LASIK surgeon in Dallas can be a daunting task. Luckily for you, there are many LASIK options in the Dallas metroplex But if you get LASIK, you can finally say goodbye to expensive prescription sunglasses. Instead, you can buy whatever sunglasses you want. A word of advice though: make sure you buy sunglasses that have enough UV protection. Cheap sunglasses are great in the short-term, but they may not protect your eyes. Always read the labels to check before.

Lasik Consultation. LASIK is popular because it is a quick procedure with a high success rate. The surgery takes about 10 minutes and only requires local anesthesia in the form of eye drops. Learn More. Contact Lens Fitting And 5 days for PRK is much longer than 1-3 days for the Lasik procedures, but thankfully my work, life, and schedule allowed me to make PRK work without too much disruption. (And seriously - we're talking about a miracle of modern science here - 5 days to get rid of glasses and contacts is AMAZING Chu Institute isn't the cheapest LASIK option, but it is clear why they are viewed as a leader in this field throughout the nation. From the knowledge and professionalism of the staff, to the attention that is received from Dr. Chu himself, to the best and latest technology to ensure the optimal results for your vision, they are worth the. In the LASIK and Custom LASIK procedures, a flap of corneal tissue is created and then folded back. The cornea is the transparent dome-like structure that covers the iris and pupil of your eye. By creating a flap in the cornea, the surgeon is able to perform the laser vision correction treatment on the inner layer of the cornea and allows for a. Better still, as Optimax is part of Tesco's Clubcard Deals scheme, you get it for a third of the price. In other words, a £5 in-store voucher is worth £15 of laser eye surgery. So in theory, you could get a £1,700 treatment for £570 worth of vouchers. Or if you don't have enough to cover it all, use them to part-pay

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The cost of cataract surgery is covered by health insurance companies provided you satisfy your deductibles, agree to the copays, stay within your network, and accept the basic package. The basic package includes 90 days of post-operative care with no additional office visit fees related to cataract surgery. The patient should expect to pay for medically necessary eye drops and a pair of bifocals Serving not only the Omaha area but the entire Midwest, The Omaha Eye & Laser Institute specializes in Bladeless Customized iLASIK (one of the most advanced forms of fully-customized, bladeless LASIK Laser Vision Correction), Laser cataract surgery with the advanced LenSx laser cataract system, and the laser surgical treatment of many other eye diseases Toll-Free: 1-866-961-2020. OPERATING HOURS. Mon-Sat except Tuesdays: 8:00am - 5:00pm. Tue: 8:00am - 8:00pm. LASIK MD Vision's goal is to make laser-enhanced vision accessible to everyone. To fulfil this, they develop safe and affordable eye care packages for everyone to be able to live life to the fullest Lasik surgeries are a procedure that improves your vision through laser treatment if you wear specs or contact lenses. Different vision problems and conditions will have different procedures prescribed to them. And to determine which treatment will be the best for you, it is important that you consult with a doctor first Voted Best LASIK Eye Surgery & Ophthalmology in Atlanta Over 50,000 LASIK procedures performed with the world's most advanced technology Board-certified ophthalmologist and trusted LASIK surgeon Farooq Ashraf is completely committed to helping the people of Atlanta enjoy clear vision and healthy eyes