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  1. The Picard Maneuver was a type of tactical maneuver that can be made by warp capable vessels. The maneuver was first executed by the USS Stargazer, under the command of Captain Jean-Luc Picard in 2355 during the Battle of Maxia. Afterwards, Starfleet began referring to the maneuver as the Picard Maneuver
  2. The Picard Maneuver or Shirt Tug made famous by Captain Picard in Star Trek: The Next Generation. During the COVID-19 lockdown I was a little bored and decid..
  3. The Picard Maneuver is a gen, perhaps het, Star Trek: The Next Generation anthology zine edited by C.C. Calder.. The title comes from the Trek term Picard Maneuver, which itself has two meanings: In-universe, it refers to a battle tactic invented by the character Captain Jean-Luc Picard.It can also be used to refer to Captain Picard's well-known habit of tugging on his costume
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  6. The Picard Maneuver was an act of desperation by Picard back when he was captain of the USS Stargazer, his first command. Simply put, the Picard Maneuver is a means by which a starship can appear to be in two places at the same time
  7. As well as an accomplished way of fooling an opponent, the Picard Maneuver also became synonymous with the character for a very different reason - Patrick Stewart's habit of tugging down his tunic in The Next Generation. The tunic-tugging is not very useful as a military tactic

The Picard Maneuver was born out of desperation during the battle. The Stargazer, which was damaged, suddenly accelerated into high warp directly towards the Ferengi ship. By doing so the Stargazer appeared to ship's sensors, for an instant, to be in two places at once. When data from the newly-moved ship reached the Ferengi ship's sensors. The maneuver is similar to a previously depicted incident in Night Terrors in which the Enterprise crew vented hydrogen into space to be ignited by another ship. However, in that case, it was not with the express purpose of damaging or destroying another ship in combat, and therefore would not have been classified as a maneuver Neither actually; it was because of a wardrobe malfunction. The next Generation's uniforms were supposed to look seamless and fit. The real reason behind that maneuver was because after the first two seasons, the outfit was in two pieces - both a. Picard explains that at Maxia, the crew was forced to abandon ship, despite winning the battle by an action that would come to be known as the Picard Maneuver, a short warp jump that caused the enemy vessel's light-speed limited sensors to detect the Stargazer in two places at once

The result of this supposed problem was a certain shirt-tugging gesture, or battle tactic, performed by Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart). Called the Picard Maneuver by fans, YouTube user.. The Picard Maneuver is a tactical battle move, in which the starship's warp engines are used in a risky but dramatic way, so that to the enemy it appears for just a few seconds that there are suddenly two ships attacking them instead of one Therefore, the Picard Maneuver can only work against ships that don't have FTL sensors. (Or, more exactly, it only works against ships whose FTL sensors are slower than the warp drive of the attacking vessel.) And what is wrong with that? An Immelman turn doesn't work against a posse of horsemen chasing after you, or against a charging tank

The Picard Maneuver is a famous tactic used by Starfleet Captain Jean-Luc Picard to surprise and destroy an enemy starship The Picard Maneuver provides corroboration that torpedo range is in the area of 300,000km with a slight possibility that it is in fact much greater than that. Thoughts? Sufficient Velocity, May 27, 2017 #1. Slybrarian, Major Diarrhia, Littlerift and 1 other person like this This habit became so well known that it became known by fans the world over as The Picard Maneuver. So Blackman threw out the Spandex uniforms in favor of wool gabardine, which allowed him to cast.. Patrick Stewart's absentminded tug on his uniform jacket ended up with a military backstory - it was termed the Picard maneuver in reference to a long-ago victory in battle, and soon became fan.. Every longtime Star Trek: The Next Generation fan is familiar withthe Picard Maneuver. And no, we're not talking about the in-story, canonical Picard Maneuver. That was a battle tactic a.

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Picard and Jurati make the first move utilizing a technique from years past — the Picard Maneuver. Replicating their ship using illusionary tech, the Romulans prepare to attack the phantoms The Picard Maneuver is referenced here — and gets an upgrade — after first being introduced into canon in the season one episode The Battle. (This Picard Maneuver involves the time. Just play'n the game and this happened :

The Crusher-Picard Maneuver. Posted by tribbles69 on July 31, 2015. I've watched TNG all the way through more times than I care to admit. Hell, I've almost finished watching it semi-backwards. Every time I watch the whole series I think why the fuck didn't Dr. Crusher and Captain Picard just hook up? I don't think they ever really did Tom, this is Picard Maneuver. We can't thank you enough for taking such an intrest in our space follies, that you were actually reposting them here! Super awsome, man. We've got more ridculous things we're working on that you can encounter at farpoint. Thanks again! Picard Maneuver, Jan 19, 2010 #9 Picard's captain's maneuver really needs to be the Picard Maneuver. Now, some of you might want that to be the short distance warp jump from the Battle of Maxia, while in command of the Stargazer. But you'd be wrong. It's the patented shirt-tug, that Picard did 284 times during TNG and the subsequent films As an evasive maneuver, If I had a ship warp jumping around me at light speeds it would seem impossible to lock on weapons at all. Seems like teleporting at a short enough distances. Picard describes it from the opponents pov as appearing in two places at once

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Jean-Luc Picard was a celebrated Starfleet officer, archaeologist, writer, historian, and diplomat who served throughout much of the 24th century. The highlights of his career were centered around assignments as commanding officer of the Federation starships USS Stargazer, USS Enterprise-D, and the USS Enterprise-E. In these roles, Picard not only witnessed major turning points of recent. Although, for the Picard Maneuver it's an older Ferengi ship that is so tricked, so one could also argue that it's a limitation of the Ferengi system. That said, Picard didn't know who he was fighting at the time, and everyone else seems to think it was a damn clever idea that would work on anyone, so maybe that is how most of us set up the. The perfect Picard Maneuver Startrek Animated GIF for your conversation. Discover and Share the best GIFs on Tenor The Picard Maneuver: Using a short warp jump to confuse an enemy that you're in two places at the same time. The Sisko Maneuver: Convincing a large military power to enter into a war against a enemy which is absolutely no threat to them (not to be confused with The Bush Maneuver)

Picard Maneuver (Errata) If you initiated ship battle with your matching commander aboard your ship, it appears to be in two places at once and has a 50/50 chance to avoid all damage this battle. Hit = . Direct hit = . EPS taps overloaded: Opponent may immediately download to this ship one Plasma Fire or Warp Core Breach (if possible) Ode To The Picard Maneuver (With Data) is a fast-paced supercut of Star Trek: The Next Generation characters tugging their shirts in Captain Jean-Luc Picard's signature gesture that many fans call the Picard Maneuver—a reference to a battle tactic in the series. The shirt tugging was due to a uniform change in the third season from one-piece, purposefully sized-down spandex. - Stewart didn't know the in-universe background of the Picard Maneuver, which is mentioned in the finale. Jonathan Frakes named an action we all had to do with our uniforms [on TNG], it was to pull them down because Gene Roddenberry wanted them to be as smooth as possible, and it was Jonathan Frakes who christened that the 'Picard Maneuver.' The Picard Maneuver - n. - The act of pulling your shirt back down into place immediately upon standing up. For Utata IP 61: 1 - trousers 2 - a reference to a television show 3 - narrow depth of field One of the benefits of being unemployed is that I get to wear yoga pants all day! Yeay! Too bad this doesn't come with an income :-P Back to the grindstone :-) Asanuma 35mm f/2. Star Wars Meets Star Trek - Holdo's Last Jedi Sacrifice is the Picard Maneuver. Star Wars director Rian Johnson was clearly a fan of Star Trek. The coolest move in The Last Jedi depicted Admiral Holdo's Resistance flagship making a super short hyperspace jump to destroy the First Order's dreadnought. It's a great tactic, if suicidal

Plus also fooling Oh with a variation on the Picard Maneuver, established waaaaaaaaaaay back in The Battle as how he saved his crew on the Stargazer on what turned out to be her final. The Picard Maneuver is an offensive maneuver created by Captain Picard aboard the StarGazer during a Ferengi attack. He took the ship to warp for a very brief interval, travelling almost directly toward the Ferengi vessel, then dropped out of warp in front of the Ferengi vessel and opened fire at point-blank range with all weapons For you viewing pleasure, the Picard Maneuver: And in game terms, this would be a linear task: Obtain Sensor Bearing : This is a Reason + Science task assisted by ship's Sensors + Science with a difficulty of 0 In describing the Picard Maneuver, Data says there is, as yet, no defense. The maneuver involves using a warp-speed jump to create an illusion of two ships existing at once, thereby confusing unsuspecting enemies; however, the maneuver involves only a single warp-speed jump from one location to another, so any person familiar with the maneuver should know to simply defend against the second.

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Comment by cloudypic. I don't get why so few people actually know this song. 2020-01-30T19:46:07Z Comment by Eljay Age. so old, so gold! 2019-12-24T00:28:46Z. Users who like Picard Song (Epic Maneuver Remix Follow/Fav The Picard Maneuver. By: oneship. Remember way back at the start of season one when Picard and Crusher weren't afraid of getting too close to one another? (I am blatantly ignoring the change to the game plan by TPTB, and am keeping in the spirit of Beverly's character serving as Chief Medical Officer AND Picard's love interest.). Star Trek depicts a fictional universe with a never-ending series of technological wonders.From food replicators to phasers to warp drives, the world Kirk, Picard, and Janeway live in has no shortage of miracles. Still, there's always room to grow, and recent events suggest some beings in the Star Trek universe have managed to create their own version of the Doctor Who sonic screwdriver

The discussion during these scenes, where Agnes remarks that there is actually a Picard maneuver (first discussed in The Next Generation episode The Battle) and Riker's incredible banter with the Romulans actually reminded me a bit of the movie Star Trek: Insurrection.I've always enjoyed seeing Will in command of a starship, and this was an incredibly unexpected treat to cap the. As I've not created anything for a while, and I see the Picard Shirt Tugs video is doing quite well lately, I present to you The Picard maneuver (manoeuvre) part 2. This content isn't available right no That tactic is now known as the Picard Maneuver. An away team beams over. Picard is overcome with memories—and then, when he goes to his old quarters, is overcome with pain. A device in. In the Star Trek Universe, the Picard maneuver was a tactical invention of Picard, whilst aboard the Stargazer, and under Ferengi fire. In the maneuver the ship appeared to be in two places at once. In fandom it came to refer to Patrick Stewart's habit of tugging on his shirt when standing up. For the curious discussion of headaches alone. 'Star Trek: Picard' Season 2 teaser trailer is teeming with Easter eggs Scott Snowden 4/14/2021. desperate move that has since become known as the Picard Maneuver..

Picard's maneuver. While attempting a Hail Mary in their fight against the Romulans, Jurati wondered if they could employ the famous Picard Maneuver. This battle technique involved a brief. Thanks to a suggestion by Jurati about the Picard maneuver, Picard devices a plan: using Arcana's magic device, he creates hundreds of holographic duplications of La Sirena, thereby.

There was the Picard maneuver.Then Riker straddling every chair on the Enterprise gave birth to the Riker maneuver. Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce you to The Janeway maneuver Picard resolves to teach them by example before taking off to face a fleet of ships for beings that are trying to destroy him. Once coming up to a fleet of over 200 Romulan ships, reality hits and they need a plan. Jurati suggests the Picard maneuver in which they make one ship look like more to buy time until the Federation hopefully arrives The Picard Maneuver should not work in the era of FTL capable sensors. Subspace sensors makes sense in that they are scanning though subspace, and they can instantly send transmissions in subspace already, so why not scan things in subspace. Subspace is the answer to the question. But the Picard Maneuver couldn't work Picard Manuever. One last thing, at one point during the panel Sir Patrick delighted the crowd with a demonstration of the famed Picard Maneuver

As I've not created anything for a while, and I see the Picard Shirt Tugs video is doing quite well lately, I present to you The Picard maneuver (manoeuvre) part 2. Related Videos 1:0 Star Trek: Picard has spent its debut season telling a story that, at times, has tried to balance nostalgia for its past with an interrogation of just what having nostalgia for that past in a time. Star Trek: Picard is a TV series set in the Star Trek universe. Patrick Stewart reprises his role of Jean-Luc Picard from Star Trek: The Next Generation.Set in 2399, 20 years after the events of Star Trek: Nemesis, Picard is now a retired Admiral and is a changed man as a result of the destruction of the planet Romulus.Living on his family vineyard, he's approached by a mysterious woman.

The first thing Picard does in the new series is play poker, which is the last thing he did in Star Trek: The Next Generation.; In Remembrance, the establishing shots of Chateau Picard evoke the scenes set in the anti-time future of All Good Things.Picard's pit bull is named Number One, which is how he referred to his First Officers, notably Will Riker Picard Maneuver is now in it's fifth year. During that time our act has continued to evolve; new songs, videos, and blogs. Today we are announcing the next step. It has come to our attention that our group name Picard Maneuver might be to genre specific and is limiting us to a wider audience, mass appeal

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Picard Maneuver (BoG) If matching commander aboard your ship, it appears to be in two places at once and has a 50/50 chance to avoid all damage this battle. Hit = . Direct hit = . EPS taps overloaded: Opponent may immediately download to this ship one Plasma Fire or Warp Core Breach (if possible) Re: The Picard Maneuver. Re-adjusting ones clothing is fairly common for those who are concealing a weapon, and it can indicate to others that you are carrying. IANAL. Magill Training, GOA, NRA, Discount NRA Memberships. January 26th, 2013, 03:09 AM #10 The Picard maneuver (solution No. 3,306) Though I have never watched any Star Trek other than the original TV series, I at least knew who Captain Picard was. But I'd not heard of the Picard maneuver.. Then I saw this video last week (HT: Neatorama). I do the exact same thing on the ice all the time. YouTube Title: The Picard Maneuver Author: TeeJay Star Trek Series: The Next Generation Written for: oparu Summary: Captain Picard doesn't like the new Starfleet uniforms. Word Count: 100 Genre: Gen Characters: Jean-Luc Picard Rating: PG-13 Warning: One swear word, but it's French. Disclaimer: Star Trek, its characters and settings belong to Paramount Pictures. This didn't feel right Picard Maneuver. Star Trek CCG. Star Trek RARE Card From. VERY POPULAR

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Battle of Maxia: The Picard Maneuver involved confusing enemy ships by jumping to warp over a short distance, therefore appearing to be in two places at the same time. A second 'Picard Maneuver' was coined by fans as Picard would frequently tug at the bottom of his uniform jacket to straighten it. Question by Daddy1 The Picard maneuver. By. davemetlesits. Watch. 50 Favourites. 33 Comments. 5K Views. Captain Picard uses his old trick to evade the Romulans' scanners... Ent-D by Chris Setterington but the saucer section alone could not perform that maneuver as it has no warp drive. Reply. Crimson-Dragon-King. Sep 14, 2013. Nice Job, Dave! The shading. This time, however, Picard thinks the enemy is the Enterprise. He ultimately tries to perform his famous Picard Maneuver with which he had won the battle of Maxia. Before tragedy strikes, Data devises a strategy to seize the Stargazer with the Enterprise's tractor beam, thereby thwarting the supposedly unbeatable maneuver. In the meantime.

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Picard maneuver. While trying to hold off the Romulan fleet, Dr. Jurati mentions the Picard maneuver, and points out that's an actual thing—you made it look like the Enterprise was in. Picard survived the encounter, however, thanks to the first use of what became the Picard Maneuver. This episode hints at Picard's past and focuses on what makes him unique as a captain

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Picard invented the badass Picard Maneuver as a younger man. His ship, the Stargazer, was attacked by a Ferengi vessel. Picard responded by going into warp (faster than light speed) and then. 19 PICARD HAS TACTICAL MANEUVER NAMED AFTER HIM. In Star Trek: Insurrection, we saw Commander Riker beat attacking enemy vessels by having the Enterprise capture then spit out metreon gas using the Enterprise's Bussard ramscoop collectors. Once the gas was expelled, enemy fire ignited the gas, causing the attacking vessels to be caught in the. Picard Maneuver Tue, Apr 21, 2020, 2:02am (UTC -5) Re: TNG S7: Liaisons I have trouble suspending disbelief with this episode. It feels like a prank show where the audience is supposed to be in on it, like we're supposed to be laughing at the Enterprise crew for buying into everything. Picard's segments are like the Yandere Simulator of the.

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The Picard Maneuver. As Picard and Agnes try to find a way to delay the Romulan fleet, Agnes says that whatever they come up with will be called the Picard Maneuver. She then immediately. Nice callback to the Picard Maneuver by Jurati. The gift from the synthetics to Raffi essentially ended up being a Whatever You Need for the Plot device. There's a long history in. The callback to the Picard maneuver, even though it only bought them a little bit of time, was a nice touch too..@JeriLRyan showing some Tsunkatse skills during her fight with the vile Narissa Jean-Luc Picard is one of Star Trek's most legendary captains, but the man has a long, complicated history with the USS Enterprise and its crew. So if you want the lowdown on his story, then here. One copy of the card in the picture for sale. Image used are stock photos and might not always reflect correct edition, but the card is of the listed set

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The ninth Star Trek series, Star Trek: Picard, picks up 20 years after Star Trek Nemesis in 2399. Now a retired admiral tending to his vineyard, Picard is approached by a young woman named Dahj who seeks his help. Meeting up with friends old and new, Picard heads back out into the galaxy to discover a new secret, one that his late friend Data is at the heart of. The series premiered on January. Picard Maneuver. More Or Les. Song. 3 min 29 sec. More by More Or Les. The Human Condition. Heartles. Nerd Love. Blow the Fuck Up (But Stay Humble) Bigger On the Inside: A Time Traveller's Mixtape. Post Millennium Tension. Fill at Will. Mastication. Brunch With a Vengeance. The Truth About Rap

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1. Something you'd like to receive as a gift. 2. The flute that Captain Picard played first in his imagination and then in real life in the episode The Inner Light from Star Trek: The Next Generation During that time, he invented a warp-speed starship battle tactic that would become known as the Picard Maneuver. [16] Depicted as deeply moral, highly logical, and intelligent, Picard is a master of diplomacy and debate who resolves seemingly intractable issues between multiple, sometimes implacable parties with a Solomon -like wisdom phalen maneuver 105. phalens maneuver 106. picard maneuver 107. pikysyry maneuver 108. pinard's maneuver 109. pinards maneuver 110. pit maneuver 111. pivot of maneuver 112. pougachev maneuver 113. prague maneuver 114. queckenstedt's maneuver 115. queckenstedts maneuver 116. rendezvous pitch maneuver 117. ritgen maneuver 118. romberg maneuver. Earlier this year, EXO-6 opened up pre-orders for their first Star Trek release with the Commander Data 1/6 Scale Figure. EXO-6 features talent that previously works on Star Trek 1/6 scale figures for other companies, and their releases will fit in with existing Star Trek 1/6 scale figures from the likes of QMx. Today, their next figure is available to pre-order

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