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For example, while long exposure photography is often used in very dark locations to capture things the human eye can't see, the new mode in Lightroom Mobile isn't able to do the same thing So that's how to create the fake long exposure in Photoshop, If you want to learn how to create long exposure star trails check out How to create star trails in Photoshop. make sure to let me know in comments down below if this tutorial was helful, thank you for following along and I'll see you in my next tutorial But it's not always possible to get a long exposure of a scene we really want to. In this video, Julieanne Kost from Adobe's official Photoshop Channel shows us how the Path Blur works and how we can use it to simulate a long exposure shot from a regular static still image, for those times when we're not able to shoot it for real in-camera Download the files to follow along this tutorial : https://www.photoserge.com/offers/rgWJ8zk3There are many occasions where you don't have a tripod or ND fil.. Processing your set of daytime long-exposure shots is relatively easy. From Lightroom, open up your set of shorter long-exposures as layers in Photoshop. You do this in Lightroom's grid-mode by selecting all the images you want to combine into one exposure. Right-click and choose Edit In → Edit in Adobe Photoshop

The most basic is to buy a standard neutral-density photography filter which cuts the light, allowing you to use long shutter speeds without overexposing your shot. You can achieve exposures minutes long, especially when using 10-stop ND filters like the Lee Big Stopper or even the 15-stop Super Stopper Download PSD file : http://photoshopdesire.com/create-fake-long-exposure-photoshop/In this Photoshop Long Exposure Effects tutorial, we're going to look at h.. In this weeks tutorial we cover how to make your image look as if it was taken with a slow shutter speed, regardless of whether it was or not

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  1. In this article by guest author Serge Ramelli learn how to create a fake long exposure look to your waterfall or other images using Photoshop. He walks you through step by step with screenshots or you can also watch the video. Some great tips you can apply to other things too
  2. How to create long exposure light trails with Payton Hediger. This image in particular was created by Evolve Edits as a Signature Edit for Rafael Serrano Photography. You may note that there are a few other adjustment to this image beyond the lighting technique I'll be covering here
  3. Let's see how we can fake fall color using the HSL tab in Lightroom! As a side note: I do want to mention that while this article is about faking the colors to create a vision that didn't exist in the first place, a lot of these techniques can be applied to enhancing fall colors that do exist
  4. osity noise and color noise
  5. Here is the quick explanation of the Long Exposure Stacking technique: by taking several pictures (usually at least 30 seconds each for the purpose of this technique) you can blend them to get a result the equivalent of a long exposure photo with a total exposure time equal (or almost equal) to the sum of the single exposure frames
  6. Hello everyone. Shooting images using long-exposure produces a hazy, often dreamy effect on anything that's moving in the scene. A particularly striking effect is when you capture the movement of clouds, particularly in black and white, where it can give the image a real sense of drama
  7. 35. Long Exposure Dancers. Dance photography is a great place to start if you like portrait and event photography. Put your camera on a tripod, switch to a slow shutter speed, and take elegant photos of dancers. 34. Light Trails on Busy Roads. Long exposure photography is a good excuse to photograph light trails

Yes, we can fake it! I don't mean fake it by adding blur effects in Adobe Photoshop, I mean using our camera to take the photo a different way. In traditional long exposure photography, the ND filter reduces the amount of light that reaches the sensor, so that it adds up more slowly to create the final image All you need is your photos, Photoshop (it gives you more control than Lightroom), and some free time. Try making a double exposure effect with the ideas above and share it with our community. We'd love to see your results! Double Exposure photography is one of the topics we cover in our creative photography course, Wow Factor Photography Long exposure photography is tricky, especially in the studio when you're trying to combine multiple light sources within a single frame that have very different brightnesses and colour temperatures etc. So although I believe this article will be very useful to many of you, there will most certainly be others that perhaps have little to [

Long exposure noise reduction - The recommended setting is Off. This can be set to On, but it will cause your exposure time to double (because the camera takes a second black exposure to help remove noise). If your camera is set to a reasonable ISO, the noise level will be low enough in most cases that in-camera noise reduction is unnecessary How to Merge Photos using Lightroom; Step 1: In the Develop module, highlight the three (or more) files that you want to merge. Step 2: Right-click and choose Photo Merge and then HDR. Step 3: Lightroom will then spend some time merging the images together. Once complete, the dialogue box will allow you to decide whether to Auto. Take my RAW Files to EDIT my Long Exposure Photos in Adobe Lightroom. It's not every day that someone gives you their RAW Files to edit but that's exactly what I am doing right here. I am giving you three of my RAW Files from the Las Vegas 5 Min Portrait as DNG files to be edited in Adobe Lightroom 4 Shoot the long exposure Fake the effect in Photoshop. You can fake the look of ND filters by shooting five to ten exposures of a subject with the camera on a tripod. You then need to sync the raw files in Lightroom before opening all the exposures as Layers in Photoshop. Next, go to Edit>Auto-Align Layers and leave the Projection set to.

The car was completely lit in a single frame using a long exposure and multiple pops of the flash, so really there was no need to blend several images together. 0 John Flury Nicholas Gore - July. As long as Lightroom is able to detect some blue in the image, you only need to darken Exposure & Highlights to bring it out. Increase Saturation to give it an extra pop. Lightroom Sky Replacement. Compare the image above to the next one. In the image above, Red, Green & Blue measure within .2% of each other But I took the effort to send him a screenshot of the image in Lightroom. He kept on telling it was fake, and the discussion became very nasty. it is a long exposure at sunrise, and I added. Apr 1, 2012. I seem to remember that there is a way you can take multiple short exposures and combine them in photoshop to simulate a long exposure. For example, instead of a 5 second exposure of a waterfall or other moving water, you would take ten 0.5 second exposures and combine them. It would be better to take the shots on a tripod, but I. As long as you have local catalogue storage you will be able to use all of Lightroom CC except for Develop module, (you will still have quick develop), and use the DAM facility. You will be able to import/export and then just add in something like Exposure 6 or ON1 (or even Elements) to do advanced editing

I do 90% of my post-processing in Lightroom, and it's a breeze. If I can nail the exposure and range in camera, and then do tonal adjustments and some minor spot exposure work in LR, I'm a. How to fake a daytime long exposure if you don't have an ND filter. For this, you'll need a tripod, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom. Set up your camera and focus on a scene which has moving elements, usually a mountain with clouds above is the perfect scene. You'll need between 20 - 30 shots for this experiment to work In this short video, you'll learn how to easily make fake cloud trails in Photoshop, like those that are visible in long exposure pictures. Use this button to subscribe to my channel. Also please click on the like button, share and/or comment on this video's YouTube page 7 simple Lightroom editing tips to improve your photos. 1. Correct the White Balance. Have you ever looked at one of your photos taken in bright sunshine and thought that it had a blue tint to it? For all the advancements of digital cameras, they are still no match for your eyes

Infrared photography is the technique of capturing light not visible to the naked eye. Infrared (IR) light lies between the visible spectrum and radio waves. The look of these IR photos is distinct and can be stunning. In this tutorial, we are going to create a fake an IR effect with Adobe Photoshop This is a cool tutorial because it not only shows you how to fake long exposures in your photos using Photoshop, but it also explains how to do it with a real camera. You'll be an expert in creating long exposures after watching this video Here is a cool idea while you are at home. Take a photo where you have some cool clouds and a nice building and make it into a fine art black and white... Exposure Bracketing Photography: The Complete Guide. Nearly every photographer has felt the disappointment of importing an important shoot into Lightroom, only to realize at least half of the images are over - or under - exposed This one was shot in a rocky beach at around late afternoon. As I didn't have ND filter i used the burst mode to capture a lot of frames and then combined them to make a Long exposure. Star Light 20 Sec exposure of a clear sky. Edited in Lightroom to bring out some details and reduce noise. Device: Oneplus 7 Pr

Join Matt Kloskowski for Lesson 4: Shooting with Polarizers, Long Exposures and City Lights of Basic Post Processing for Landscape Photographers on CreativeLive. Available with seamless streaming across your devices. Get started on your creative journey with the best in creative education taught by world-class instructors. Watch a free lesson today Thanks again flickr. So just in a nutshell for anyone starting out doing long exposures, set the camera into a shutter priority mode and set the speed to around 0.3″+ seconds and slowly play with it until you end up with a image your happy with. Initially you might be faced with an over exposed (bright image) which may mean you will have to. Editing and Post Processing Video Tutorials for Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom. In these video tutorials you will learn new editing techniques to take your photo editing skills to the next level. Learn basic tools, curves, working with color, layers in photoshop, luminosity masks, orton effects, l Now, the trouble with this test is that the dynamic range of this camera exceeds the 8 stops I can span with ISO alone, plus Lightroom only lets me boost the exposure by 5 stops Long exposure techniques can be used for things like car light trails, smoothing out water in waterfalls, rivers, etc, and can make clouds look like they're moving and streaking across the sky. When needed, you can even make people disappear from your shot. Here's how to pull of each of these long shutter speed techniques

How to create very realistic (but still fake) reflections in Photoshop using 3D How to fake a long exposure effect in Photoshop using Path Blur How to edit colour film negatives in Photoshop in a few simple steps How to create a realistic shallow depth of field effect in Photoshop Learn how to post process your images in Photoshop or Lightroom ; Start creating stunning and punchy long exposure images today! The instructors Rob and Jon walk you through the entire long exposure process. Follow us in real-world demonstrations, dealing with actual environments and situations. See all of the equipment we use 12 Phone Photography Ideas for Fun Photo Outings. Discover 12 fun phone photography ideas. Start capturing beautiful photos with your smartphone; learn composition, lighting, and more! by Andrew S. Gibson When I start working my raw files I usually lower the exposure by 0,3 to 0,6 inside Lightroom while raising the whites (and also lifting the shadows and blacks). Lowering the overall exposure while making the highlights pop, enhances the intensity of light and increases contrast and saturation. Taking light out also means working with. This show was a blast. We looked at your long exposure shots and got some really great ones. There were so many picks, I'm gonna be drowning in this recap. Next week's topic is abstract. No cats allowed. Our Lightroom 5 paperback is on sale for $14.99! It's the older version of Lightroom, but many of you still may be using that, so.

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  1. The first time I saw a photo with star trails streaking across the sky, I convinced myself it had to be fake. Not only was it something I would never see in real life, I couldn't fathom a long-exposure being the technique responsible either. For many of you, you've probably come here looking for the same answer, how are star trails captured? Well, you've come to the right place, and I promise.
  2. Lightroom is a photo processor and image organizer. It allows viewing, organizing and retouching large numbers of digital images. Lightroom's edits are non-destructive. Adobe Lightroom is a brilliant image editing piece of software. It has literally hundreds of functions and features and techniques that will make your pictures look absolutely.
  3. Free Faux HDR Photoshop Action. This free Adobe Photoshop action is courtesy of our sister site PhotographyPla.net. With it's help you can apply a faux HDR effect quickly and easily with no need to have multiple bracketed exposures of the same scene. This action is a free sample from their set of 13 Faux HDR Photoshop Actions
  4. Fake It With Your Phone! 29 Tips For Better iPhone Photos. We've all heard the saying the best camera is the one you have with you, but serious or are taking a long exposure and want to make sure that you are not creating any movement. as well as the Lightroom Mobile app are all free and all sync to your Creative Cloud so that.
  5. Education . Browse By Type. Courses Cole's Classroom's treasure trove of comprehensive photography courses!; Training Vault Quick but jam-packed videos to keep you inspired and leave you feeling confident on your next shoot.; Backstage Pass Go behind the scenes with real photographers on actual photo sessions!; Free Tutorials Check out our over 700+ written tutorials that cover every topic.
  6. ance noise reduction even further will cause the dreaded wax look and your photo will look fake and over-processed. The goal here is to find balance between maintaining key details within the image and reducing overly gritty.
  7. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a photo processor and image organizer developed by Adobe Systems for Windows and OS X. It allows viewing, organizing and retouching large numbers of digital images. Lightroom's edits are non-destructive

Founded in 1993, Alien Skin Software would release one of the most ubiquitous Photoshop plugins of the late '90s and early 2000s. Now, after 26 years, they're changing their name to Exposure Software.. The change follows their popular Exposure application and Photoshop plugin. It was made in 2006 to help photographers develop beautiful images, and is currently up to version X4 We got used to seeing long exposure photos. Usually long exposures of water. etc. or import to Lightroom and do the final adjustments there. The colouring is a complete fake and I'm. Try for free. Get a free trial of Lightroom. Edit, organize, store, and share photos from anywhere. 7 days free. Try for free. Try for free. Trial includes the full version of Lightroom. You won't be charged until after your trial ends However, recovering from over-exposure may be much more difficult. With Lightroom you choose the most important of the 46 images to be stitched, take as long as you need to adjust it until it's perfect, then select all the others and synchronise the adjustment settings. In seconds, the previews of all 46 images will be updated Double exposure photography isn't difficult. Sometimes you can take it by means of your phone and a special app within 10 minutes only. HOW TO DO IT: If your base photo is a regular colorful image, you'll need to have a white background.To achieve this use Selective Adjustment and it will do the trick

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Every once in a while, you will hear some photographers claim that lens filters are completely useless. Some will argue that only specific types of filters such as UV and protective filters are evil, while others will also include polarizing and ND filters into the mix, claiming that one could reproduce the effects of all those filters in post-processing software HDR stands for high dynamic range. It's basically an image with dark blacks and bright whites. This creates a strong contrast between the colors and tones. HDR is usually achieved by taking two images with different exposure brackets. One photo being under-exposed, and the other over-exposed. Then, lots of tweaking and rendering in Photoshop Oct 27, 2018 - Explore Grass Potato's board Photography: Editing Tutorials on Pinterest. See more ideas about editing tutorials, photoshop tutorial, photoshop The NiSi 6-stop ND filter allowed me to increase the exposure time to produce silky water, but not so long as to blur the clouds. The 6-stop filter's slight red cast is visible; for purposes of this review, I did not correct it. ISO 100, 23mm, f/10, 1.6. View fullsize How to Make a Sin City Portrait in Photoshop (Part 2) In this episode we show you how to select the green Color Range and define a Layer Mask with the selection. This technique will allow you to cut your subject out from the Background quickly and accurately. Sample Images Included. Add to Favorites

Wikipedia (/ ˌ w ɪ k ɪ ˈ p iː d i ə / wik-ih-PEE-dee-ə or / ˌ w ɪ k i-/ wik-ee-) is a free content, multilingual online encyclopedia written and maintained by a community of volunteer contributors through a model of open collaboration, using a wiki-based editing system.Wikipedia is the largest and most-read reference work in history, and is consistently one of the 15 most popular. Ever wondered how to photograph long exposures of seascapes to smooth out the water? Making rough water smooth gives the photo a fine art look. Here is video that shows you how I do it using neutral density filters. Create a fake sun in Lightroom. How to Photograph Fireworks. The Day Peter Lik Shot His Sacred Arch Photo. Recent Posts

After further studying the behavior of the exposure and brightness sliders and discovering how strong upward exposure adjustments can cause serious color shift, I am modifying my workflow as shown below. Instead of relying mostly on exposure adjustment I am beginning to think that brightness adjustment is a more stable tool. On a photograph +2 exposure or +150 brightness produce almost. Long Exposure mode is only available via the Technology Preview section of the app Settings, and has to be enabled by the user. So check there (Settings>Technology Previews>Long Exposure) and enable it accordingly I'm trying to fake a long exposure by taking multiple RAW photos and doing something with the Bayer filter values in order to get the effect of having left the shutter open for that long. The idea I have in my mind is that, intuitively, long exposure works by leaving the shutter open for longer, and so the light sensor values (that RAW pictures.

Step 1: Exposure And Contrast. Just like any photo you're editing, the first step is to adjust the exposure and contrast. In Lightroom, this is easily done with a handful of sliders in the Basics Panel. Depending on the camera settings you had, your photo might look a little too dark or a hair too bright Save the file as tif and open it again in Lightroom. I do this in Ligthroom 5 because I find the image saving settings easier because I can use presets. Shortcut CTRL + SHIFT + E. I export the files as JPEG, sRGB with Resize to Fit Long Edge for example 1000 pixels and resolution 72. Sharpen For: Screen, Amount: Standard and you are done 13.9k members in the beforeandafteredit community. A subreddit for people who want to see what an image looked like before it was edited and for Daytime Long Exposures Before You Go: Neutral Density Filters. If you want to do any kind of long exposure during the day then you'll need a neutral density filter. These are 'black' filters that go over your lens and effectively block out the light so that your shutter can be open for longer. I use a 10 stop ND filter

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Adobe Lightroom Basic Adjustments for Golden Hour Photos. Firstly, it's important to know that cameras are not able to reproduce the entire dynamic range of colors present in nature. Far less than our eyes are able to. That's why some parts of the image are correctly exposed and some others are not And for dark sky low light long exposure high ISO, nailing the exposure is critical for getting the most data to process with. If you don't think this is right, the best thing you can do is test it out on your specific camera to see if you can get away with boosting 4 or 5 stops of exposure in editing a night sky landscape Blacks -20. These adjustment have a drastic impact on the highlights and shadows, and also set a strong black point for the photo, helping to give it a bold look. Here is the photo after applying this preset: The next set of presets is for exposure. I will be using the preset to increase exposure by +.50

But instead I made the long exposure look even longer, by using some horizontal motion blur. I then also changed the colors, until I got something I liked, and this is the result. This is the original photo: As you can see I have cropped the image some. As long as I have enough megapixels, I don't mind cropping images, if it is an improvement Long Exposure taken as a JPEG. RAW or JPEG look good, RAW just has more information to pull if adjustments are needed. R AW Compared to JPEG. Processed RAW Photograph taken with the Olympus OMD EM5 and the Panasonic 12-35mm lens. ISO 200, f/2.8, 1/25sec, 35mm. Shot Handheld

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Back then, I was not very good at editing. The picture is still not that great, but using the more advanced tools in Lightroom, I was able to turn a very dark, obscure picture into something better. This photo of Guatemala's Volcan Fuego was taken with my GoPro's long exposure night-lapse feature Use the shutter speed chart, and step by step guide, to improve your long exposures, action shots, night sky photography & more. ISO Photography Guide [2021] Learn the best ISO photography settings for any shooting scenario. Control image noise & master the photography exposure triangle How To Shoot Long Exposure Light Trails; How To Match Exposures Across Multiple Photos In Lightroom; How To Make Fake Shadows In Photoshop; Workflow. How To Use Lightroom For A Completely Mobile Workflow; How To Work Quicker & More Productively On A Mac; Printing In particular, you can use the latest version of Lightroom (starting with version 5), which features the radial filter that can be used to create a sun-like look. Proper blending is important, but this technique also uses the split toning panel and the highlights color slider, especially if you want to produce good, natural colors To avoid much noise, shoot at low iso and this is possible if you have your camera on a tripod. Make sure you do not blow out your highlights. If you have a Highlight alert option in your camera, turn it on. One trick to create a starburst perfectly is to partially block the sun with another element in the frame

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Snow Effect Photoshop-How to Fake the Effect Easily-Photoshop Tutorial A Beginner's Guide to snow-effect-photoshop-tutorial-for-beginner In this video I take you on location as I capture long exposure cityscape photos on the Manhattan Bridge. I considered adding more photos to the Lightroom editing section of the video but I didn't want to make it too long

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Turn off image stabilization. Have a wide angle lens between 14mm to 24mm to get a good view of the Milky Way in the frame along with foreground. Set the aperture to the widest - at least f2.8, but if you have only the kit lens, use it at 18mm / f3.5. Start with the lowest ISO possible, about 1600 I frequently use HDR technique - combine multi exposure manually in Lightroom. But, by using 2 layers in photoshop with 2 different exposure, we can add the effect of GND filter using mask layer. So, in your opinion, which one is better - HDR in lightroom or Mask Layer using photohop Uh, yes and no. We actually have a fair amount of variation here among sensors and cameras. Many older and specialized sensor designs are not what we call ISO invariant (a linear multiplication). For those sensors—the Nikon D6 is one up through about ISO 800—you can't make this assumption of linearity Long exposure creates the light trails from car lamps. In Bulb mode you essentially hold down the shutter button for a really long time and let go when you think your image is exposed. The concept is great but counter-intuitive. If you are shooting a super long exposure the last thing you should be doing is touching the camera Note: These final 3 points are moving further away from pure digital photography. 4. Blend like crazy! Depending on how creative you want to be, you can take the blending process to a whole new level, like in the stunning image below from Beboy Photographies.With a base exposure, he then blended in the long exposure sky, a separate exposure for the sun, another exposure for the city lights.

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Lightroom is a database-driven image management software that automatically reads image metadata (such as camera make and model, date/time captured, aperture, shutter speed, ISO, white balance and more), known as EXIF and writes information about each photograph in a new database known as catalog. As images are imported, Lightroom has built-in functionality to add additional information. As long as you're not wildly overexposed, there is a fair bit that can be done. Photoshop and Lightroom have EV sliders. In GIMP (+others) you'll want to use levels and contrast stretches. This works great if there is no clipping, where one (or all) of the channels blows past the bright end

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Exposure in Astrophotography [closed] So, when taking a photo of the stars, I've generally taken photos at about ISO 3200, 20 seconds, f/3.5. I subsequently stack about 5 of them to get rid of the noise, which seems to work relatively astrophotography long-exposure image-stacking night-photography milky-way To fake it, it's even more difficult, and you often have to create near hurricane levels of water to have it appear convincing to the camera as actual rain. In this video, Valentina from Aputure's A-Team shows us how to create fake rain on-set that's easy to make and very believable However, even with the use of flash to perfectly freeze a subject's face, the body motion during the rest of a long exposure may still cause dark ghosting effects, as seen below. This is easy enough to remove in Photoshop if you know how to use the clone stamp tool, and if the background is a simple and clean one fire photography part II: technique (non-flash portraiture) rhetoricize. Aug 3, 2016 · 11 min read. Here's how I go about non-flash fire portraiture; your mileage may vary greatly. Photographers have lots of different styles; I personally try to balance crisp fire shapes with a focus on candid, expressive portraiture and motion

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While it's true that camera sensors have come a long way in the past 10 years, they're still not a replacement for manual exposure blending. You will still get the highest-quality detail and color purity by bracketing in the field and combining those exposures in Photoshop or Lightroom. I dive more into this topic right here What you remove by subtracting a dark image is the fix pattern of the dark. It is not really a noise as it is reproducible and not random, it is more a parasite signal than a noise. However some people call it fix noise or pattern noise and camera maker call it long exposure noise reduction Using Lightroom to retouch skin has become easier with recent upgrades to the software. You have more control than with an app, so you're not so likely to end up with fake-looking skin. In the past, Photoshop was the tool of choice for retouching skin. Being able to work with many layers to refine the look of a portrait could take hours

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Sitting still for so long was incredibly tiring, which is perhaps why the people in the old photos always look so serious. Today, the situations in which you have to use long exposure times are getting rare, but situations in which you can have fun with long exposure times are still a-plenty. The long exposure time has become a creative tool 10 Simple Double Exposure Tips. Follow these simple but useful double exposure tips and create a surreal or classic double exposure effect within several minutes even if you are new to it. 1. Use a Neutral Backdrop for the Base Photo. The first tip of any double exposure Photoshop tutorial is to use a neutral background in the base photo Using multiple exposures will allow you to keep your exposure time and ISO fairly low, in turn reducing noise. Almost all cameras, when pushed to take very long exposures ( 3+ minutes ) start to exhibit what is known as long exposure noise. To prevent this, Method 1 is used. Full Frame & Crop Sensor Shutter Speed

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‎Adobe Photoshop Lightroom (Lr or LR) is a photo processor and image organizer developed by Adobe Systems for Windows and OS X. It allows viewing, organizing and retouching large numbers of digital images. Lightroom's edits are non-destructive. Learn how to get the most out of Adobe Lightroom with Borders and frames are a great way to 'finish' off a picture for printing or display, and they've come a long way since the unconvicing fake 'wooden' frames (and others) that you get in entry-level programs like Photoshop Elements. A solid black keyline against a white border can really finish off a black and white image, for example, enclosing.

Shoot multiple images of the scene to stitch/join together later in Lightroom and Photoshop. I will cover two ways how I achieve this when I don't have a wide angle lens. Most of my images are taken at 18mm or 24mm lens on a Crop Sensor camera which equates to 27mm or 38mm equivalent in 35mm Full frame size Getting a proper exposure in these conditions is difficult, which really kills the image, making it look fake. A little saturation goes a LONG way. When working with presets, it's important to understand that the effects stack. Notice that each step in Johny's Workflow has a Reset option for just that reason. Editing photos in. Key Topics in this Lightroom CC course: and so much more! Make your photos look better - fixing basic things like exposure, white balance, cropping & rotate. Take your photos to the next level with - localized adjustments, sharpening & removing noise, effects, vignettes and more We love a good in-camera double exposure; done right, they can look as surreal as anything we can create in post. But if you don't have the skills, expertise, or interest in doing it in-camera, this quick tutorial shows you exactly how to fake the..