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WJ One Ton Tie Rod End (TRE) Steering $ 419.00 $ 393.00. Gift this product. Add to Wishlist. Quick View. Builder Parts 3/4″ Heim DIY Steering Kit $ 190.00. Gift this product. Latest News. 14 Mar. WJ Rear Bumper Tire Carrier DIY Assembly Instructions. 13 Mar. WJ Rear Bumper Wing DIY Assembly Instructions 2 Comments. 26 Jun WJ 1 Ton OTK 7075 Steering System. This is a 1 Ton Steering upgrade for the WJ Grand Cherokee. Steering links are made out of solid 7075 T6 Aluminum that are machined to accept 7/8-18 Rod Ends. 7075 T6 is incredibly strong, light weight, and bounces back to its original shape. This is a heavy duty steering setup meant to take abuse This is Bug Out WJ, my ultimate Jeep WJ build.This is my heavily modded one ton swapped 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Links to a lot of parts used:Best long arm. WJ on one tons and 37's. Thread starter trplxj; I had to go back to the stock pitman arm and order a new 1 ton TRE insert for it. I'll have the pitman arm back tonight and I can get the steering and track bar squared away this weekend. As well as put the gears in the front axle. No locker at this time, the wallet is a little thin The one ton WJ is for sale Black Leather interior 90k miles 4.7 V8 14 bolt rear with 5.13 gears and grizzly locker Dana 60 front with 5.13 gears and spartan locker and 35 spline stubs with yukon drive flanges Triangulated 4 link rear Radius arm front All links are made from 2 .25 wall..

Type in WJ one ton steering and it brings up XJ'S and ZJ using the WJ knuckles.....trust me buddy,i was Googleing for the other person only to find out ,I'm clueless on this subject . Oct 2014 and Jan 2016 Modified Cherokee Of The Month APRIL 2019 Stock Cherokee of theMonth Because we got to sit down with Bob Corcoran to talk all about one-ton axle swaps. Bob's newest build is a 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL Rubicon named Boblife365 with 40 tires and he recently swapped his stock axles for Dynatrac's XD60/60 Combo one-tons and he laid it alllll out for us. Now we know--there's often times a heated debate around. One-Ton Swap Tech for ZJ. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 12 of 12 Posts. Grand_ZJ · Registered. Joined Sep 6, 2007 · 1,478 Posts . Discussion Starter · #1 · Apr 7, 2009 (Edited) Probably isnt the correct place to post this, or I doubt this is needed, but I will throw it on here for kicks.. 93 zj sitting on 37x14.5, dana 60 front sterling rear, 3-link w/panhard front, double tri-4 link rear.5.38 gears, 5.5 coils, Frame plated from front to rear.. Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ High Clearance 1 Ton Steering Kit. $249.00. + $75.00 Shipping charges. 0 reviews / Write a review. Qty

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XJ/ZJ/WJ Axle Information. D30/35 general info: These have great aftermarket support with axle and lockers. They tend to hold up to mild off-road use with lockers and up to 33 tires. Tend to have the smallest brakes so stopping larger tires will be more work for them. The weak part of the D30 is the front u-joints typically To recap , I am going to be posting my measurements for one ton steering + my WJ knuckle swap on my YJ. Could have used this steering last week! 95 YJ 4.0/AX15 SOA 8.8 on stock yj springs SUA 30 with 4 rc lift springs 03-06?? TJ 5.3/4L60E/NP241 JB SS Sye [Build in progress

ok some of you ppl may remember the WJ from a while back it started out with a BB and 245s, then on the the biggest mistake of my life ( 6.5 RK long arm) 35 trXus on 15x8 cragar soft 8s, added the BB again, front bumper, ECT i cooked my stock axles and 247 t case, so i swapped.. I am mid stream of completing a hybrid HP 30 that was retubed to fit the WJ width. 63.5 WMS to WMS. The will Alloy Shafts, and the ARB along with trussing I will be in good shape. I will be able to re-use my one ton steering, ARB and Shafts that I already run in the stock housing. In my opinion the Weak Point is the rear axle

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ES2027L High miss alignment draglink end. Use on pitman arm. ES2026R Drag link end attaches to ES2233L. Some people substitute ES2234R for this end. 7/8-18 threaded inserts from Poly Performance. 2 lefts and 2 rights. Left and right 7/8-18 jam nuts. Hard to find but I have a local source for $3.50 ea. 1.375x.188 wall tubing XJ Cherokee ('84-'01), ZJ Grand Cherokee ('93-'98), MJ Comanche ('85-'92) Artec Industries is excited to announce the TJ 1 TON Axle Swap Kit for front 60 axles. This heavy duty truss and bracket system is designed to take serious abuse and reinforce your entire axle while also providing control arm, spring, anti-sway bar, and shock mounting. Jeep 1 Ton Steering Upgrade, over the knuckle (fabrication required.) Available for all makes and models of Jeeps. So you want it all? You want to bash the rocks all weekend, then drive it to work on Monday. You want to hold the wheel and a caramel macchiato in one hand, and talk on your cell in another With our Jeep 1 ton steering upgrade, you eliminate the hard to adjust Y stock steering, it allows for a longer drag link to help with your steering angles, and most importantly gives you heavy duty steering that will take a beating and hold up to the off-road abuse. And one thing that stood out was a steering stabilizer wasn't. Details about1 TON HD steering kit for Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ 1999-2004 raw steel. 1 TON HD steering kit for Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ 1999-2004 raw steel. Floor MAT Liners KIT Black for Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ 1999-2004 391298832. $184.99

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Shop our selection of Jeep Wrangler fab parts. We offer perfect fab parts & components includes front axle swap kit, link subframe assembly, axle truss, mounting brackets and more. Order online or call @ 952-210-7185 The Hard Core Plus™ ProRock XD60®/XD60 Axle Set is for Jeep Wrangler JK owners who want more than just one-ton axles. This axle set delivers Dynatrac ProRock XD60® technology front and rear. Unbeatable durability with more axle rigidity to better hold proper gear mesh under extreme loads. The exclusive Dynatrac 1550LT® wheel ends. Rusty's Jeep steering stabilizers absorb road irregularities and improve handling and steering feel. These stabilizers are specifically designed to handle the additional stresses of larger and heavier tires and wheels. We offer direct replacement steering stabilizers as well as dual steering stabilizer conversions. We offer heavy-duty steering stabilizers for all Jeep models, including XJ. Rusty's Jeep Steering Systems address the flaws in the factory Jeep steering linkage and are designed to work properly with lifted vehicles. Our steering conversion converts the factory Y type linkage to T type linkage. This eliminates bump steer, wandering, and other poor handling characteristics. It also offers a significant strength improvement over the weak factroy steering linkage

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  1. Wicked WJ Build: One Tons, Claytons and ORIs. Hey guys! So I haven't been around too much lately, been off teaching myself the ins and outs of everything chassis and suspension related over the past few years, doing fun stuff nowadays over at the shop. I do still take on WJ projects when I get a chance though
  2. This is my second WJ, and I will probably get another to daily drive. I love them! Just got the Jeep out the garage for the first test drive! Axles: Dana 60 front, 35 spline chromoly shafts, yukon hardcore hubs, spartan locker. Dana 70u rear, FF 35 spline, ARB. 5.13 gears. 3 link front, 4 link rear with 2.75 ballistic joints
  3. Finally starting a build here now that the WJ is retired from mall crawler status :flipoff2: Plan is to get it up and running asap for a season of wheeling, and build it a bit further this winter (gears, 40s, coilovers, etc etc). Short build plan: -stock 4.0, 42re, 242HD -'02 superduty 60/10.5. Welded rear, spartan front. -3 link front, hydro assist -dual tri 4 link rear
  4. Jeep One Ton Steering Upgrade. Tired of the cheesy OEM steering on your Jeep. Upgrade to a one ton setup. We offer steering for the following Jeep models. XJ, ZJ, YJ, TJ, WJ and JK. Made right here in the U.S. Miscellaneous
  5. Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ High Clearance 1 Ton Steering Kit . $249.00 Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ rear steel bumper. $479.00 Land Rover Discovery 2 Rock Sliders . $469.00 Land Rover Discovery 2 front skid plate. $219.00 Land Rover Discovery 2 rear steel bumper Swamper We send a maximum of one message per week
  6. How to make a one ton steering upgrade for a xj and what all do I need cause I'm thinking about making one can anyone help me. If your running the D30 and dont plan a swap anytime soon, I would run WJ OTK steering and breaks. WJ brakes are a huge upgrade from XJ or ZJ and WJ TRE's are basicaly wonton size

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  1. g out a knuckle or pitman and sacrafcing your wrists in the name of steering. We have tried many different reamers on the market and we have found that a majority of them are Non-US based manufacturers with a subpar quality standard. They lose their edge after repeated uses and catch constantly.
  2. WJ Knuckle Swap Steering System. $279.99 $249.99 Sale. Select Options. Quick View. Jeep CrossOver Steering Rebuild Kit. $69.99. Free Shipping. Add To Cart. Quick View (1) BOLT ON JK 1 Ton Steering System (Tie Rod & Drag Link) $399.99 $369.99 Sale. Select Options. Quick View. JK 1 Ton Steering System w/ Drag Link Flip (Tie Rod & Drag Link) $399.
  3. [Archive] WJ knuckle swap and 1-ton steering complete Modified Tech Discussion (One side drooped a little more) I think that is an inherit issue unless the track bar and drag link are the same length. Warlock1. December 17th, 2012, 18:24
  4. Re: WJ Knuckles with 1 Ton TRE's you'll really like the setup, especially the brakes. friday night i had to stop fast to avoid hitting a cat and i was suprised how fast the thing stopped. the one thing i do not like about it is the lack of adjustable steering stops. you may want to tap and drill some holes to put your own in like on the xj.
  5. Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ 1999-2004. 1 TON CUSTOM. made from solid rod. STEERING KIT. THIS KIT INCLUDES EVERYTHING TO UPGRADE YOUR EXISTING FACTORY STEERING. includes both steering bars. If you need steering stabilizer bracket we have it as well
  6. Joined May 3, 2010. ·. 2,221 Posts. #4 · Apr 12, 2013. As for D60 vs 14 bolt in the rear, it's debatable. The 14 bolt is more popular with many because it's much stronger right out of the box. The D60 takes some work and money to get to the same strength, so many who are on a budget jump for the 14 bolt

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WJ 180, 240 & 300 15, 20 & 25 NOMINAL TONS 12.3 EER (15 TON), 11.5 EER (20 TON), 10.4 EER (25 TON) DESCRIPTION YORK Sunline Magnum™ units are convertible single pack-age high efficiency rooftops. All models have independent dual refrigerant circuits for efficient part load operation. Although the units are primarily designed for curb mountin 1 Ton Steering upgrade for the multiple models. XJ, MJ, TJ, and ZJ Made from 1.25″ x.25″ DOM tubing. CNC machined ends. Threaded 7/8″-18 right and left hand thread. Comes with Chevy style tie rod ends. Will require drilling and reaming of the knuckles and pitman arm with a 1 1/2 Inch Per Foot Reamer 7 Degree Tapper Our Jeep JK 1 ton 7075 aluminium tie rod is one of the most important upgrades you can do to your Jeep JK, not only will you get larger stronger tie rod ends, but you will also gain the strength and weight savings of aluminium. The factory steering on the JK is prone to bending with hard trail use, this is where the 7075 solid 1-1/2 inch outer. (the WJ is 5x5 lug pattern, the TJ is 5x4.5) Then you'll need the knuckle spacers, trackbar brackets, swaybar brackets, and new trackbar/drag link/tie rod. This is a picture of the parts I made. The 4 pieces on the left make up the axle-side trackbar bracket, then the swaybar mount and knuckle spacer, then the frame-side trackbar mount is the.

Originally designed for military usage, the JEEP is the oldest four-wheel drive mass-production vehicle. Known for its spartan interior, the Jeep was a light utility vehicle with an emphasis on the off-road capabilities. JEEPs have solid axeles which allows for more ground clearance and larger wheels for better off-road navigation View the profiles of people named Wj Ton. Join Facebook to connect with Wj Ton and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and..

The CavFab Crossover Steering kit will fit any Jeep XJ, TJ, ZJ, MJ, or LJ with the factory Dana 30 or Dana 44 front axle. Where other companies use .120 or .25 wall DOM we use 1.5 SOLID Rod. 1.5 SOLID Tie Rod & Drag Link! Our CavFab Crossover Steering kit can be ran either Under the Knuckle (UTK) or Over the Knuckle (OTK) The ID for the Jeep XJ Cure is 5/8. Since 1 ton steering for XJs can have a similar flopping problem, RuffStuff also makes it in a 3/4 ID for 1 ton steering. Apparently, there is a rubber/steel stock part for older full size Jeeps that is very similar to The Cure, but we don't have the part number DIY Steel Steering Kit with OFFSET JMX PRO 7/8 in Rod Ends for JK, TJ, XJ, ZJ, YJ. JK DIY Steel Steering Kit with 7/8 in Rod Ends. $449.99. Call for Availability. Add To Cart. Quick View. JK2TJ Front Axle Swap Kit with Truss. Swap JK front axle into a TJ/LJ/XJ/ZJ Includes all brackets in factory locations

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WJ-ONE HOLDING Partager le lien vers cette fiche entreprise . 824 093 942 R.C.S. CHAMBERY Registry at the Commercial Court of CHAMBERY. 2000 WJ Laredo (Daily Driver) 4.0 I-6 4x4 186,000+ miles and still going strong. 2007 Tahoe (Wife's truck) #41 Re: The uber one-ton zj tech thread IndyZJ. View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message View Articles Senior Member Join Date Apr 2007 Location.

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  1. AmazingSlimeForever posted on Instagram: Tons of slimes from our Easter restock still I stock, link in bio!! Easter Grass slime by us! So • See all of @amazingslimeforever2018's photos and videos on their profile
  2. The Dana 30 High Steer Sidewinder Steering Kit is the absolute best value on the market. This kit includes our Dana 30 High Steer Double Shear Brackets and our high strength, high clearance Heim Steering Kit. All you need to install this is a basic set of tools and a 5/8″ drill bit or 5/8″ ream to drill out the tapers in the knuckles and.
  3. g off from the mounting bolt in the event of joint failure
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  5. If memory serves me, they used 1 ton GM components. It involved drilling out the steering knuckle to accept the larger ball studs that were used. After considering this method, I decided to go a different route. One of my California Jeepin' buddies, Robert Yates, told me about using a ZJ tie rod from a V-8 on his TJ

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1952 Willis 1/4 ton Military Jeep M38 - A1 Serial No. 21632 Motor MD - 23001 Original 24 volt system, tow bar, windshield mounted gun rack, wench, 4 wheel drive locking front hubs, new carburetor. Over all condition good Metalcloak builds Game-Changing products for the off-road community. From our ground breaking original Bolt-On quick release Tube Fenders to rugged Frame-Built modular bumpers to our award winning and FMVSS Certified Game-Changer Suspension systems for and the Jeep Wrangler TJ, JK and new JL, we never stop developing trail proven products for your rig Buy One Equalizer Tool Get 20% Off the Second Equalizer Tool. Contact your local distributor or buy online (USA only) with promo code: EQTW21. Equalizer Tools. GBJ005A, 5 Ton, 5.91 in Stroke, Hydraulic Industrial Bottle Jack. Bottle Jack. $1.00. GBJ008A, 8 Ton, 5.91 in Stroke, Hydraulic Industrial Bottle Jack. Bottle Jack

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PSC Cylinder Assist Steering Kit, 2012-18 Jeep JK 2 Door 3.6L Pentastar Dynatrac/G2/Teraflex D44 or UD60 Axle. $2,151.75. Add to Wish List. Add to Cart. PSC Jeep JL / JLU / JT Big Bore XD Series Pump Kits. From $2,217.30. Add to Wish List. Add to Cart. PSC BIG BORE XD Jeep JT Gladiator Cylinder Assist Steering Kit Consider that you can quickly tell a half-ton truck from a one-ton truck because the half-ton truck will have five or six wheel studs and the one-ton truck will have eight wheel studs. Additionally, the larger bolt circle not only distributes the load over a wider area but also allows for using a bigger hub and bearings Liftable Life by WJ. Media/News Company. Refreshing Home. Home & Garden Website. Scott Page Author. Book. Greenville Gazette. If you see one in your mailbox, it's a good idea to leave it alone. English (US) · Español · Português There are many tons of stolen Nazi gold still out there. There are many tons of stolen Nazi gold still. Jeep JK & JKU Auxiliary Gas Tank & Skid Plate (40+ Total Gal) $2,799.99 Add To Cart. Compare. Jeep TJ/LJ Crawler™ EXT Gas Tank & Skid Plate (19.5 Gal) $1,499.99 Choose Options. Compare. Jeep TJ/LJ Crawler™ COMP23 Gas Tank & Aluminum Skid Plate (23 Gal) $1,649.99 Choose Options. Compare

A report from the department discovered that 35 tons of solid waste had to be cleaned out from the park. Advertisement - story continues below Even more disturbing, this figure included 180 pounds of feces, 544 pounds of urine and 30 pounds of sharps & drug paraphernalia, like needles Yukon Gear & Axle offers an extensive line of high-performance axle kits for popular Chevrolet, Ford, Dodge, Jeep, Cadillac, Toyota, GMC, Lexus, and Nissan applications. Axles endure a lot of torque and absorb tons of driveline shock. That's why mechanics, road racers, and hardcore off-roaders swear by Yukon 4340 chromoly axle kits Randolph has tons of mud, and a number of steep hills with rock ledges scattered around for good measure. Drive Shaft Hill is one such hill. After a very steep, rocky climb, there is a turn to the right and a rock ledge just at the top Currie HD60 - High-Pinion Jeep JK Front Axle. $5,499.00. The Currie HD60 high-pinion front axle for the 2007 thru 2018 Wrangler JK/JKU is a direct bolt-in solution that delivers next-level strength and reliability. The HD60 features a massively reinforced rotated 60 series center section, 3.5-inch tubes, chromoly axles, and heavy-duty forged JK.

WJ Skatepark + Urban Plaza. This free-to-skate park is now open daily from 6 a.m. to 1 a.m., rain or shine! The 23,000 sq. ft. skatepark was designed with both beginners and expert skaters in mind and includes many features, including an iconic ribbon, mini-snake run, and a blend of varied skate terrain. The skatepark is part of Washington. 4 Lift Kit. Price $1,297.29; Base Kit Id 448H; STEP 2: Customize this Kit! BDS Suspension 4 Lift Kit for the 1999 - 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ. This kit comes with new front and rear Pro-Ride Coil Springs capable of handling full coil bind. Lower adjustable control arms are included to allow you to adjust the axle rotation (castor) Electric Chain ® Operating, Maintenance & Parts Manual Rated Loads 1/8 To 3 Tonnes 125 Kg To 3000 Kg 00001996 (REV AB) 627NH Follow all instructions and warning fo

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Wj Series 2.4 Tons Aluminum Induction Electric Melting Furnace , Find Complete Details about Wj Series 2.4 Tons Aluminum Induction Electric Melting Furnace,Electric Melting Furnace,Induction Melting Furnace,Metal Melting Electric Furnace from Industrial Furnace Supplier or Manufacturer-China Machinery Engineering Wuxi Co., Ltd AutoZone is your source for auto parts, accessories and advice. Get parts fast with Free Next Day Delivery and Free Store Pick Up at over 5,700 locations Bushwacker 10926-07 Black Cut-Out Fender Flare for Jeep Grand Cherokee WJ, (Set of 4) but decided against it simply because one wrong cut and you're screwed. Took my body shop a whole day to do these. and have gotten tons of compliments. Even a wave from a guy in a lifted F-150 LO I had my 09 JK/4idr unlim lifted a month ago. After 6m scouring the net, ended up with the AEV 4.5″ full suspension lift, running on BFG-KM2/35s. It's a kick pulling up next to H2 mall-Hummers and towering over them. Even more pulling one out of a mud pit in NJ's Pine Barrens AEV kits are expensive, but well worth it One of C-SPAN's founding philosophies was focusing on the viewer and, through our call-in programs, viewers are able to interact directly with elected officials, policymakers and journalists

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