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I am looking at the 5.7 Hemi or 5.3 LS. If you have done either swap can you share what you did and did not like about it. I was just about to pull the pin and go LS when I noted the Hemi conversion kit from a couple suppliers has a lower price point. The same year Hemi and LS motors are comparable dollar wise from the suppliers in my area JK Jeep Wrangler Forum. JK Tech Forum. LS VS Hemi. Jump to Latest Follow I'm not sure it is cheaper to swap a Hemi vs the LS. I suppose if you have the time and knowledge to work the electronics it might be cheaper. But if you look at swap kits the Hemi swap kits run $6000 - $8000. A LS swap kit $5000

I'm lucky enough to have both a Hemi swapped TJ and an LS swapped JK. I prefer the LS motor, but the Hemi can be a better choice of emissions are of concern in states such as California. Otherwise I would always choose the LS. On second note and worth mentioning, don't expect to get more than 10-20% of what you spend on the conversion back on. We pit a 6.4L Truck Hemi Jeep JK against a 6.2L LS3 Jeep JK. Here are the results. Dakota Customs and Bruiser Conversions The Prodigy turbo system is a whole lot less in regards to what you can expect to pay when considering a Jeep Hemi Conversion. Prodigy Performance offers our complete Turbo Kit for about $7,000. Figure $1,200 - $1,500 if you hire a professional to install your kit. Installing a Hemi or LS engine will set you back anywhere from $24,000. Jeep JK LS Engine Swaps 2007-2018. Jeep JK Wrangler LS Swap 2007-2011 : 2012-2018. We offer a few different options for installing a GM LS based engine into your Jeep JK.. DIY: Do it yourself conversion components.You purchase the parts needed and do the swap in your garage at your own pace or until you run out of beer

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  1. Hey y'all, I have a 08 JK with a the torque monster under the hood, the good ol 3.8. It's getting to be that time to do some upgrades under the hood. I am looking at doing either the 6.4l HEMI or the 6.2l LS swap but want some input on people that have one of these under the hood. I am running..
  2. 2018 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited JL. BMW Z4 35is, Tesla Model X90D, Chevy 2500 LTZ but will make a comment on the swap. I've got a JK that I swapped in the 5.7 Heim when it was new. No way would I swap for either the LS or the Hemi. I can get service anywhere I go and I love driving the JL. Click to expand... This is some pretty.
  3. JK Jeep Wrangler Forum. JK General Discussion Forum. then the engine swap is the way to go but we prefer the LS swap to do the weight of the HEMI.-Jason . KrawlOff-Road.com: Facebook Email Phone: 864-437-8029 Forum Discount: KORWRANGLERFORUM. Save Share. Reply. NoVA_Mike Well the hemi swap would be great, even a 5.7L but the price ($30K.
  4. I have not done an LS swap, but I have done multiple hemi swaps. In addition, I am an avid follower of the LS swap threads. IMO, there really are only 2 choices - Motech or RPM Extreme. While both will provide a kit that results in an LS motor installed in your jeep, they take very different approaches
  5. 19 Posts. #6 · Jul 21, 2016. LS 6.0 with GM 6l80 transmission, 4.10 gearing on moderately heavy JKU. I average 16.5 mpg mixed highway and city driving. Motech did my swap, have had it for around 5 months. The difference in drivability vs the 3.8 is significant, now the Jeep actually has power
  6. Powered by passion, attention to detail and a flair for creativity, America's Most Wanted 4x4 has cemented itself as a leader and pioneer among Jeep builders and off-road enthusiasts. Call Us Today for Questions About Your Ultimate Jeep Project! 810-266-6262. AMW4x4 Featured Build

JKFreaks 2007-2018 Wrangler JK Forum > TECH: 2007-2015 Jeep Wrangler JK > 3.8L Engine Technical Discussion > 3.8 vs HEMI vs LS PDA View Full Version : 3.8 vs HEMI vs LS Hey guys, my head gasket went on the passenger side of my 3.7L v6 on one of my forums a fellow member said that this HPtuner can re write the PCM and or ECM of these Jeeps. My question is..... He was saying that We can Now swap in the SRT8 6.1L engine into the 3.7L v6 WK since they bolt up to the same tranny and have the same diffs My DIY Hemi Swap. 09-19-2008, 06:25 AM. Hi All, Just wanted to say I bought a new 5.7 crate motor last January with the idea of doing this swap myself. Then from EJS I heard AEV was coming out with a DIY kit for the swap. I decided to wait for the kit, and I'm glad I did Hemi JK: V6 to V8 Swap. How-to man-up a Jeep Wrangler by plucking out the anemic 3.8L V6 and replacing it with a late model Hemi V8. Season 1, Episode 14. Hemi JK: V8 Swap Completion. Tech details on completing a Jeep Hemi engine swap with how-to integrate new cooling, fuel, electrical and exhaust systems. Season 1, Episode 15

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A 5.7, a 6.4 or a 6.2 Hell Cat engine is a great power plant to create that thrill of a lifetime every time you push the gas pedal! A 4×4 Jeep Jk Wrangler with a Hemi upgrade will take you back to the days when Horsepower was the way it was. Just imagine your 4×4 Jeep JK unlimited with a 500 Horse power Hemi! The roar and the seat of the. We have partnered with America's Most Wanted 4x4 and are excited to offer turnkey Jeep Wrangler JK, JL and JT 5.7 & 6.4 HEMI, Hellcat, Demon and Hellephant Conversion Packages! Featuring genuine MOPAR performance parts as well as our own custom designs, our HEMI conversion kits have a premium factory fit and finish and we offer in-house installations. Features: - Mopar® Crate Engine - Engine. SRT HEMI Wrangler JLs, JKs & Gladiator JTs for Sale at RubiTrux. If the stock drivetrain in your Wrangler JL or Gladiator JT isn't cutting it for you, RubiTrux is proud to offer 6.4L HEMI SRT and 6.2L Supercharged Hellcat HEMI SRT conversions for your JL or JT (Currently only offering 5.7L and 6.4L conversions the the JK) About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. TECH: 2007-2015 Jeep Wrangler JK. 3.8L Engine Technical Discussion. 3.8l 505 performace stroker kit with ripp supercharger vs hemi or ls swap. Vendor Directory. Welcome to JKfreaks.com! We are a new forum dedicated to the 2007-2012 Jeep Wrangler JK driven by passion and enthusiasm. We strive for excellence and are on a mission to build a.

Several hemi conversion places indicate the 8hp70 is soon to be available from mopar with conversion kit for JK. I'm also looking hard at GM solutions from MOTECH. This will be a daily driver/weekend warrior with several long road trips per year. Currently considering: 392 (only if 8hp70 is available) 5.3 LT 8 or 10 speed 6.2 LS with 6l8 The LS motors, [4.8, 5.3,5.7, 6.0 and new 6.2,] and the 4L60e transmissions are readily available and provide a fantastic platform for a V8 swap into your Jeep. If you don't have to follow strict emissions regulations or are building the ultimate trail rig, the GM LS V8 is a great option 2012 and Newer Jeep JK Hemi DIY Conversion Kit (For 5.7, 6.4, and 7.0 Litre Hemi Engines) $ 7,955.03 View. TeraFlex. JK Front Tera60 Unit Bearing Axle #3690000. From $ 6,253.99 View. TeraFlex. JK Front 0-3 Tera44 Replacement Axle Housing Non Rubicon TF44 1/2 Wall #3544252.

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We've now combined over 40 years of Jeep engine mount design and fabrication experience into our #MMX Series motor mounts for conversion engines. We asked ourselves if it could be possible to build a set of mounts that were: Strong. Brutally strong. Seriously adjustable, even after their initial installation (except XJ & TJ bolt-in versions. I have been looking at many options, i.e. hemi vs LS etc. Them Hemi is a little more expensive. If I do all the work myself, I have gotten the 6.0 LS and 6L80 tranny swap down to under $10k. It is still a lot of money to me LS standalone components. GM E38 PWM FAN CONTROLLER from $325.00 more. 6L80-90 TAP SHIFT-TOW/HAUL-REVERSE LAMP MODULE from $425.00 more. GM E38 A/C Request Module from $249.00 more. GM E38 Alternator Charging Request Module from $249.00 more. 6L80E - 6L90E Reverse Lamp Module from $249.00 more. 6L80E - 6L90E Tap Shift Module from $389.00 more

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Subaru DBW conversion. Started by Keith Tanner | Tagged in Subaru, electrons are my messenger, in my day we used carburetors and we liked it, this throttle cable is too damn long, vanagon, vanagon?, wires > cables. Pages: 1 2. 27 posts Last post 3 days, 2 hours ago by Keith Tanner . 2013 Subaru BRZ - the salaryman build. Hemi vs LS (Not talking Swap) Just Engine vs Engine - Who is #1 (I am thinking of putting a V8 into a JK, but I would like to avoid taking this thread toward one engine or the other over the technicals of the swap itself, rather lets hear about the engines themselves. . So within the next month or so I plan on doing a motor swap on my jk. Now what are your opinion on LS vs Hemi. I already have a two spare supercharged GM LSX 7.5L 454ci motors( spare motors for the class 1 buggy). How hard would the swap be and what are my options for transmissions. Would it be pointless to have a supercharged motor in a jk 12-11-2011. Location. 36° N. Posts. 8,011. We're talking $3,000 on the top end for your 3.8 and over $10, closer to $15 plus on the other two. While the LS would be awesome, it's priced crazy. A guy who recently had it done (so you figure some of it was labor) said his exact price start to finish was $18,3xx

3.8 vs HEMI vs LS; Vendor Directory We are a new forum dedicated to the 2007-2012 Jeep Wrangler JK driven by passion and enthusiasm. We strive for excellence and are on a mission to build a friendly and valuable resource for other JK freaks! sorry, but anyone who thinks an LS swap is gonna cost over 10grand is crazy. you can buy a 5.3. I did look into a number of different choices, including a modern Mopar motor (such as the 5.7 Hemi V8), Cummins diesel swaps, and even Ford Coyote options. In the end, none had the packaging nor the incredible aftermarket swap support of the LS in the full-size Jeep platform If you've dreamed of having a V8 powered JK or JL come to Jackalope Customs where our shop has been perfecting the art of Hemi conversion kits since 2005. Jackalope Customs leads the way in terms of knowledge, parts quality, and masterful technician work for every professional Hemi kit installation we perform. We install Hemi kits for all possible engine choices: the 5.7L, 6.0L, 6.2L, 6.4L. 03-22-2012, 05:30 PM. 05-10 WK. 06-10 XK. All years Ram behind HEMI (1/2, 3/4, 1Ton) All years Durango behind HEMI. As mentioned 2011+ transmissions will need the valve body swapped to the old version. 2015 Ram 3500 Cab Chassis SRW. 2009 Brute DoubleCab 5.7VVT Supercharged, 37s. 2015 KTM 1190 Adventure R

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When it comes to LS swaps, we've seen our fare share around these parts. From 5.3-liter junkyard motors to all-out builds pushing over 1,000 horsepower, we've either seen or done it ourselves. And while the LS engine's reign at GM is coming to a close, they are sure to be popular for years to come—if not decades Mopar HEMI. The Mopar HEMI is a popular engine for a swap, possibly due to the company connection to the Jeep or the simply cool status that only the hemi carries. Just because a hemi is available in a Jeep Grand Cherokee doesn't make it an easy swap. Swapping one of these engines isn't particularly cheap and can provide its own challenges From the early-1990s to 2002, Dodge and Jeep vehicles could be optioned with a fuel-injected 5.2L or 5.9L Magnum V8. Power numbers range from 220 to 245 ponies and 295 to 335 lb-ft of torque depending on the year and cubic inches. All of them are fit with a cast-iron block, but you'll want to make sure you pick up one with a rear oil-sump pan Hi Guys, I am trying to poll AEV HEMI JK Owners about their current gearing (4.10, 4.56, 4.88, etc..) and their experience with freeway driving. Please indicate which engine (6.4, 6.1 or 5.7) and transmission you have because it does make a difference (auto pre 2012, auto 2012+ or manual.) I am currently running an AEV JK45

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LS Swap Guide by LSX Innovations INTRODUCTION. This guide will assist you in making a seamless LS engine swap. Since every LS engine swap is a little different and there are lot of choices to be made, you can use this guide as a reference for ideas and part numbers as you move through the process 2012 JK 2 Door 2.5 AEV lift/ Fuel Hostage17 x 9 wheels, with Nitto 295x70 x 17 Tires. Warn Vr8000, Elite Bumper, LOD rear bumper, Teraflex tire carrier. Wife's Jeep! My Jeep. 2014 JKU, 6.4L Hemi AEV kit, 2.5 AEV lift, 35 Duratrac's. Gen Right aluminum bumpers, Warn VR 8000 winch. Pro Rock 44 Red Rock Offroad offers In-House Turn-Key V8 Conversions for either HEMI or LS Engines in the CJ, TJ or JK Jeeps, as well as, D.I.Y. Install Kits for customers who want to tackle the Conversion at home. Red Rock Offroad is an Authorized Installation facility for many of the top manufactures, like Rancho, Teraflex, Zone, Pro Comp, Rough Country. I'm trying to do this project with the minimum amount of custom fabrication as possible that is why I figured using a JK would be a good starting point. Here are the basics of what I would like to use:07-14 Rubicon Unlimited JK chassis, 6.4L hemi conversion kit from Dakota Customs, AEV JK Dualsport SC Suspension and of course 48-50 Wills Jeepster

I know I'm late to this conversation, but a Hemi is the perfect power balance when you lift the truck and add larger, heavier wheels/tires. I plan on sending mine to Rubitrux in January for the magic. Two years ago, I replaced the anemic turbo diesel in my '88 LR Defender with the LS and 6L80 tranny from a 2012 Camaro GM Generation III & IV V8 Engine Mounts for JK Wrangler Jeeps. Novak's weld-in engine mounts for the Jeep JK Wrangler provide immense strength and a precise GM Vortec & LS V8 engine installation This isn't a thread to debate LS vs. Hemi, 5.7 vs. 6.4, Manual vs. Auto, Turbo 6 vs. Supercharger vs. 6.4L, and not really geared toward doing a hellcat swap, either. - Not only looking to find out the COST of the options, but what possibilities are out there for anyone else considering this to build their current JL into something similar to.

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  1. Hemi Standalone Harness. Starting at $73 /mo with Affirm. Prequalify now. Swap makes Gen3 Hemi standalone easy. Covering all Gen3 HEMI's (5.7, 6.1, 6.4L) our plug and play harness comes dyno tested and with a 3 wire hook-up your running! Weatherproof Fuse and relay box holds fan and fuel pump relays with outputs all ready for you to connect
  2. This isn't a thread to debate LS vs. Hemi, 5.7 vs. 6.4, Manual vs. Auto, Turbo 6 vs. Supercharger vs. 6.4L, and not really geared toward doing a hellcat swap, either JK v8 Hemi builder kit INSTALLATION GUIDE 5.7L, 6.1L, 6.4L hemi 2007 2011 JK- swb, lwb quired to perform the manual to automatic conversion are listed in the Bill of Materials
  3. We are a Small Garage with a Big Jeep Problem 2007 5.7L HEMI Sahara Unlimited - Sold 2010 6.1L HEMI Rubicon Unlimited - Sold 2011 6.4L (392) HEMI Rubicon Unlimited - Sold 2002 4.0L AEV Brute - Sold 2003 6.4L Stroker HEMI AEV Brute - Sold 2005 4.0L SC AEV K9 Brute - Sold 2014 345 HEMI Rubicon Xpo Adventurer - Sold 2000 4.0L AEV 112 Long.
  4. Completely Metal Cloaked, Game Changer Lift on 35's, all the usual Jeep goodies (Lockers, winch, CB, Rigid lighting, etc etc). Hey guys & gals, I'm looking in the next year or so to replace my current inline factory 6 cylinder & 5 speed manual combo in my 02 TJ in favor of a 5.7L Hemi V8 & Automatic
  5. Lift is not required for the Jeep TJ to perform the engine swap, but may be done for reasons external to the swap. Fuel Delivery A 1999 TJ Wrangler with a 5.7L LS1 Chevrolet V8 as sourced from a Corvette

All while exceeding any power you would expect to see from any Jeep supercharger or Jeep HEMI/LS swap option available today. YOUR ONE STOP SHOP FOR ALL YOUR MOPAR PERFORMANCE NEEDS JK 3.8 Stage 2 vs. Stage 3. Let's take it back to 2008, our owner and founder, Wes, had just finished a 5.7 HEMI swap for a PRODUCTS. TURBO KITS; PENTASTAR. Chevy V8 into Jeep YJ Wrangler bolt-in engine mount kit $ 182.70. 713088. GM LS1 engine universal mount kit $ 143.12. 713088-S. GM LS1 engine universal mount kit $ 143.12. 713088-W. GM LS1 engine universal mount kit (wide) $ 155.30. 713089. Chevy V8 & 4.3L V6 bolt-in engine mount kit $ 180.68. 713090. Chevy V8 engine (replacing 4 Cyl.) mount. If your tranny goes out thats another 2,000 dollars. To do this in a laredo is just not economical. If you had a hemi 5.7 it would have been an entirely different story, and you could just swap shorts. It would honestly be cheaper to trade it for a 5.7 and then swap it for a 6.1 or 6.4. I think thats a cheaper route than trading for an srt.

LS engines vs. Jeep 3.8's!!! Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 20 of 20 Posts. Jeep JK LS Engine Swaps 2007-2018. Jeep JK Wrangler LS Page 8/14. Read Free Jeep Engine Conversions Swap 2007-2011 : 2012-2018. We offer a few different Our Jeep JK Hemi Conversion Kits Choose from all Gen III Hemi truck motors including manual and automatic transmission, VVT and non-VVT engines, with or without a supercharger

Interesting comments about the 4.8L GM V-8, rockosocko. This would make a good package for an XJ Cherokee or Jeep Wrangler swap. I like your point about the cost difference, the 4.8L being an ignored gem. Though Dodge/Chrysler is late to the game at encouraging V-8 swaps for Wranglers (JK) and other uses, Mopar has arrived CJ Off-Road's Hemi swap uses an engine found on a Ram truck. All in all, a 5.7L Hemi swap for a JL Wrangler gives it 395 horsepower and 410 lb-ft of torque. This is a substantial power bump from the JL's 3.6L V6 engine, which makes 285 horsepower and 260 lb-ft of torque. Keep in mind that there are some physical differences between the Ram.

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Not worth it. Go for a swap that is done often so you don't have to figure everything out. I've done several repowers from a Cummins in an old dodge power wagon to a 2.2 Ecotec in my Willys flatfender and they are a ton of work and expensive. My favorite swap was when TrailJeeps put a HEMI in my JK We have been building LS conversion kits for nearly 20 years and have helped thousands of people convert their muscle car or truck to LS power. For more info on LS conversions and what makes our swap kits the best in the industry click here. 1967-69. 1970-81. 1967-82 GM F-body

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This LS-Swapped 1973 Datsun 240Z Is The Epitome Of Show And Go. Enter To Win Holley's 2021 Sloppy Mechanics Sweepstakes For A Chance To Get That Junkyard Jewel LS Build Done! Give Your LS Engine Swap Classic Curbside Appeal With a Few Bolt-On Parts. Wild 1981 Toyota Starlet with a Twin-Turbo LS Swap Spotted at Holley LS Fest Ep. 208. SHOWDOWN! Hemi vs LS: Which Engine Reigns Supreme . Today we compare to see which is the better engine swap for your jeep, the Hemi or LS. Got a Jeep related question? Email us at [email protected] Text our hosts (yes, i..

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  1. THE MOST POWERFUL FORCED INDUCTION SYSTEM ON THE MARKET FOR 2007-2011 JEEP WRANGLER JK 3.8's! SIGNIFICANTLY INCREASE THE WHEEL HORSEPOWER AND TORQUE OUTPUT OF YOUR JEEP. With more power than any HEMI or LS V8 swap, this Stage 2 system from Prodigy Performance gives you the boost you need for your 2007-2011 3.8 JK Wrangler
  2. We also produce more HP and TQ than the Hemi and LS swaps that cost $30,000.00 We been in business over 12 years and we have our product in 30 countries. We also hold all the world records for HP and TQ for Jeep Wranglers from 07-11 JK/2012-2018 JK / 2018-2020 JL/JT
  3. Personally, I think it is a bargain, especially if you were even considering an LS or HEMI crate motor swap in any newer Jeep Wrangler. If you were even thinking about doing a HEMI Swap at $35,000, the Jeep Wrangler 392 is a Huge Bargain! The going rate for a 6.4L HEMI swap in a Wrangler JL or Gladiator is $35,000
  4. Total. $3,459.00. On 3 Performance Jeep Wrangler 3.6l Single Turbo System for JK Platform 2012 - 2018 quantity. Add to cart. Categories: Jeep, Jeep Products / Turbo Kits, Turbocharging Systems Tags: 3.6 jeep, 3.6 turbo kit, 3.6l jeep, jeep boost, jeep turbo kit, jeep turbo system, jk turbo kit, jl turbo kit, turbocharged jeep, wrangler turbo kit
  5. For over 30 years Rusty's Off-Road Products has specialized in suspension systems, lift kits, and accessories for all Jeep vehicles. Our product line includes suspension parts, bumpers, skid plates, steering components, drivetrain parts, exterior products, and performance parts for a wide range of vehicles. Our Jeep product line includes accessories that fit the JK Wrangler and Rubicon two.

Looking for an Affordable, In Stock, Plug and Play wiring harness for your LS Swap? PSI sells Standalone Wiring Harnesses for GM Gen II, III, IV, & V LS/LT based engines and transmissions. These harnesses include the Gen II LT1/LT4, Gen III (24x) LS1/LS6 and Vortec Truck Engines as well as Gen IV (58x) LS2, LS3, LS7, & Vortec and GEN V LT. This swap is real pricey, and personally, we don't think it's worth the investment. Our favorite choice that will yield the most results with the least cost and the least modification is the supercharger option. RIPP makes an excellent 100% bolt-on supercharger that will add 60-100HP to your JK for approximately $4000

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Originally designed for military usage, the JEEP is the oldest four-wheel drive mass-production vehicle. Known for its spartan interior, the Jeep was a light utility vehicle with an emphasis on the off-road capabilities. JEEPs have solid axeles which allows for more ground clearance and larger wheels for better off-road navigation Ls Modification Kit For GM Conversion. Z17625. View Details. Add To Cart. Muscle / Hotrod Radiators - 31 x 16 x 3 1/8 Crossflow. 205142. View Details. Add To Cart. Muscle Car Radiator - 22 7/8 x 22 5/8 x 3 1/8 Jeep Don't see what you are looking for call 800-842-5166 ( M-F 8 am to 4 pm MST ) we'll be glad to help! Part Number . 11-26JK0712. 2007-14 Jeep Wrangler JK 6.1 Hemi Conversion Type Radiator: 2 rows of 1 wide tubes; Dual 12 Spal electric fans Part Number . 11-26JK0 Bruiser also builds a full line of luxury off-road vehicles including the Super Cab, JK Crew, and Overlander. If you have a 4.0L fuel injected Jeep from 1991-2006.