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  1. The Book Cliffs area is an exceptional. trophy elk and mule deer unit. The size. of the area, and difficult terrain, can. make it a very challenging place to hunt. If you decide to hire a guide. Hire the. Best
  2. Our Book cliffs road less area elk hunts consist of all the things that make hunting great: horses, mules, walls tents, wood burning stoves and lots of game. Give us a call or shoot us an email for more details on this classic back country elk hunt. This Book Cliffs road less area for trophy bulls can be hunted with archery, rifle or muzzle.
  3. Welcome to Bookcliff Outfitters where we've been hunting elk, mule deer, mountain lion and you name it in the same Colorado and Utah locations for over 35 years. RUSTIC COMFORT Approximately 35,000 acres of private land surrounded by BLM is yours to explore while enjoying comfortable cabins, hot showers and 4x4 transportation
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GT OUTFITTERS. We are GT Outfitters, specializing in Eastern Utah Big Game. We hunt the Book Cliffs, Central Mountains. Manti, Rattlesnake, Nine Mile and San Rafael Units. We offer elk, deer, antelope, bighorn sheep, buffalo, cougar and bear hunts. While game is plentiful in the region, finding that trophy animal can be difficult for someone. Book Cliffs, Bitter Creek-South The Bitter Creek portion of the Book Cliffs is a huge area that holds a very healthy population of elk. Access throughout the unit is very good with many oil and gas mining roads. Bulls scoring 320-340 are reasonable expectations with a moderate possibility of a bull exceeding 350 4- Wasatch, Book Cliffs South, Central Mountains Manti, Lasal, Books Cliffs Roadless. Utah Elk Hunting Overview: At this time Utah has some of the best Elk hunting in the world. There are few things in hunting more exhilarating than to hear the bugle of a mature bull elk on a crisp fall morning, and fortunately we are able to hunt these. Hey guys, With 1 point I somehow drew the Book Cliffs, Bitter Creek South Archery LE elk tag this year. I am absolutely stoked and was hoping some of you might have insight into hunting this unit. A little background on me: I'm a Marine Corps F-18 pilot stationed in Iwakuni Japan so getting back to scout before hand is going to be impossible

The Bookcliffs is one of Utah's best trophy elk hunting areas. Based out of Mack, CO we are very fortunate to have the Utah Bookcliffs located right in our back yard. We are a small operation and only take a limited number of hunters in this area. This allows us to focus on providing a.. This is a friend's LE elk hunt And I was fortunate to get an invite. What a great experience! Made some great friends and saw lots of elk and scenery. If. Book Cliffs Recreation Area. This area contains 455,000 acres of diverse ecosystems in a very remote setting, and maintains a frontier mystique. There is an abundance of wildlife species for viewing, including deer, elk, black bear, blue and sage grouse, numerous hawks, antelope, mountain lion, small mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians Corrections. Page 57: We have removed the Book Cliffs, Wild Horse Bench bison hunt (hunt #BI6526, with season dates of Aug. 2, 2021-Jan. 31, 2022) from the guidebook because the hunt was closed in an emergency change on April 21, 2021. Bison behavior has changed due to drought conditions, and because of the ongoing drought, we are not confident that there will be bison on the unit during. Book Cliffs Hunting, Thompson Springs, Utah. 1,522 likes · 28 talking about this · 73 were here. We specialize in Trophy Bull elk, Mule deer, Bison, Bear and Lion. We are the best at what we do...

Hunt with us this season and you will see great hunting areas, hard work ethics, and first class western hospitality. Our primary area is Colorado unit 61, as most of you know unit 61 is one of Colorado's most sought-after Trophy elk and deer units As traditional as the hunt experienced by our American forefathers, but with the comfort of cabins instead of tents, warm showers, and approximately 35,000 acres of private ground surrounded by BLM. You'll reminisce with pride about your hunting experience with Bookcliff Outfitters for years to come. Our hunts are conducted during the elk rut Wyatt said that as the Book Cliffs elk herd increased since 1994, most of the elk moved from the state-land allotments to Wyatt's grazing allotments, decreasing the forage available to his cattle

Utah Book Cliffs Elk Hunting vide The Book Cliffs is a giant hunting area that offers great potential for trophy elk and deer. Double C knows this area well and will work hard to insure a successful hunt. Check out their website at Double C Guides and Outfitters or contact Hunters Trailhead for more details Book Cliffs/Vernon: The Book Cliffs is a unique unit. It produces great buck deer and bull elk. It produces great buck deer and bull elk. This unit has a lot of deer, finding a buck over 180 may prove a little challenging The Little Book Cliffs Wilderness Study Area is characterized by gently-sloping plateaus, various small canyons, and four major canyon systems: Main Canyon, Coal Canyon, Cottonwood Canyon and Spring Canyon. These four larger systems are also accompanied by many smaller side canyons. Part of the southern edge of this WSA is dominated by the. 7-Day Book Cliffs Guided Bull Elk hunt: $ 6500.00: 7-Day Book Cliffs Guided Cow hunt: $ 3250.00: 7-Day Book Cliffs Guided Mule Deer hunt: $ 5450.00: Book Cliffs Drop Camp (2 person minimum) $ 2250.00: Non hunting companion (per person per day) $ 195.0

Utah DWR Hunt Map - Book Cliffs/Bitter Creek South, Bear, Bull Elk Vernal, Westwater. Boundary questions? Call the Vernal office, 435-781-9453 or the Price office, 435-613-3700. EXCLUDES Book Cliffs, Little Creek Roadless Unit as follows: Book Cliffs, Little Creek Roadless Grand County--Boundary begins at Steer Ridge road and Ten Mile Knoll. Spike Elk General Hunt Unit Book Cliffs, Little Creek Roadless regulates hunting opportunities in Utah and covers 57,074 acres Elk are tough as nails, awkward and majestic in appearance all at the same time, and ghostly in their movements. I can bump a herd of thirty elk in dark timber, hear thunder for seconds, another snap of a branch and then: silence. Pure magic. I started hunting in the Book Cliffs 16 years ago. I began simply driving the dirt roads endlessly

The Book Cliffs have been renowned as one of the best hunting destinations in the country. Especially for mule deer and elk . Antelope are common and many people have seen Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep , and moose . There's also a herd of more than 250 bison on the nearby Uintah and Ouray Reservation The Book Cliffs of Eastern Utah has traditionally seen many trophy bull elk harvested. This remote unit is one of the most spectacular areas of Utah. Don't miss this opportunity to have the hunt of a life time. Hunter is responsible for any additional costs of the appropriate resident or non-resident license fees Utah BookCliffs elk hunting tags, guided hunts for cow elk and bulls

Elk Hunting in Utah Book Cliffs, Bitter Creek/South. Scores. Ease of Drawing 4 4 Success 60 60 Trophy Potential 0. N/A Public Access 88 88 Ease of Terrain 82 82 Room to Breathe 100 100 Opportunity 0 N/A Convenience 5 5 Ease of Effort 23 23 63. Elk Hunting in Utah Book Cliffs, Little Creek Roadless. Scores. Ease of Drawing 2 2 Success 79 79 Trophy Potential 0. N/A Public Access 100 100 Ease of Terrain 67 67 Room to Breathe 100 100 Opportunity 9 9 Convenience 0 N/A Ease of Effort 43 43. There is an abundance of wildlife species for viewing, including deer, elk, black bear, blue and sage grouse, numerous hawks, antelope, mountain lion, small mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians. The Book Cliffs Area begins in the northern desert shrub zone at about 5,500 feet in elevation and rises southward to about 8,500 feet in the aspen. The Book Cliffs area is an exceptional trophy elk and mule deer unit. The size of the area, and difficult terrain, can make it a very challenging place to hunt. It is important to hire a guide that you can trust and has real experience in the area you are hunting. Our family has owned and operated the Main canyon ranch since 1977 Book Cliffs Utah Elk Hunting Unit Map with Land Ownership Get this Map Description: Elk Hunting Unit Map displaying Unit Boundaries, Land Ownership Status, and CWMU hunting areas. Includes private land, private land within the CWMU program, National Forest, BLM, and Federal Lands with trails and roads..

The Little Creek/Roadless hunt is a pack in hunt on mules while staying in a wall tent with a wood burning stove. A true backcountry elk hunt in beautiful country. This is a wilderness hunt in one of Utah's most prized areas. This style of hunt captures that old west spirit in every elk hunter The only hunts that I know of that split the road less area off into it's own hunt are for the elk hunts. This is actually inaccurate. There is a 10A/10C and 10/B. 10/B is the Book Cliffs South. You can only hunt A B & C for Deer if you hunt Archery or Muzzleloader. The Any Weapon hunts are split up BOOK CLIFF OUTFITTERS. DIna-antelope-2020. 1/19. Utah Odds Simplified for 2020 on most species. Book Cliff Outfitters has been in business since 1995 offering hunts for the following: . Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep. Desert Bighorn Sheep. Elk. Mule Deer

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The area offers excellent opportunities for hunting. In the state-owned Book Cliffs Roadless Area, where bull elk permits are limited to 30 per season, the hunter success ratio is 75 percent. The quality of the hunt is reflected in the heavy demand for permits. In 1986, there were 29 applications for every permit issued, according to the UDWR The greater part of the Book Cliffs consists of public lands making them popular for hunting expeditions. There are a limited number of hunting licenses available for hunters interested in the trophy class consisting of mule deer and elk. You can also purchase resident and nonresident permits for general hunting, and these include deer and elk. The majority of our Elk Hunts take place during the rut. Utah is one of the few states you are allowed to hunt with rifle during the rut. A few of the units we specialize in are: (Fillmore Pahvant, Plateau Boulder, Manti, Fish Lake, Beaver, Southwest Desert, San Juan, Wasatch, Book Cliffs, Dutton and Nebo)

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SFW - LOT 22: Bull Elk - Book Cliffs, Bitter Creek/South: Archery (Conservation) - All lots closing with Live Auction on April 16th at 8pm MDT. YouTube. Hunt and Fish Connection. 180 subscribers Spike Elk General Hunt Unit Book Cliffs regulates hunting opportunities in Utah and covers 2,291,535 acres Hunt/tag description: 2021 Book Cliffs, Bitter Creek/South; Bull Elk Area/location: Book Cliffs, Bitter Creek/South Weapon: Any Legal Weapon Season dates: Sept 18 - Sept 26, 2021; Any Legal Weapon or Nov 13 - Nov 21, 2021; Any Legal Weapon Species: Bull Elk Photo disclaimer: Animals shown in the picture may or may not have been harvested in the auctioned hunt area. Pictures are there to show.

Harvest data for all limited-entry and once-in-a-lifetime big game species. Harvest data for all antlerless big game species. Bighorn sheep. 2020 bighorn sheep harvest data. 2020 Central Mountains, Nebo. 2020 North Slope, Sheep Creek. 2020 North Slope, Bare Top. 2020 North Slope, Red Canyon. 2020 North Slope, Goslin Mountain * This hunt takes place on a large private ranch in the famed Book Cliffs of eastern Utah. Large populations of elk winter on and around this ranch. * The ranch consists of 6000 acres. Hay fields hold the elk in the area and hunters are allowed to hunt a 1 mile buffer around the ranch as well. This has historically been a high success hunt HM 0405 Book Cliffs Bulls . Check out our episode. Password is ritz. Video starts at around 30 seconds in. Outdoor channels. Hunt Masters. Bookcliffs Archery elk hunt. This is HM 0405 Book Cliffs Bulls by Hunt Masters on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them

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Shane Scott Outfitting is a Guide and Outfitter located in Richfield, Utah. We specialize in hunting and guiding Utah Mule Deer, Elk, Antelope (Pronghorn), Cougar (Mountain Lion), Black Bear, Rocky Mountain Goat, Desert Bighorn Sheep, Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep, Moose, Bison and Turkey. We hunt and guide Big Game in the majority of Utah. We hunt the following units Tag is good for 1 Bull Elk for the Book Cliffs, Little Creek roadless. Method of take is Any Legal Weapon. Hunter is responsible for obtaining a valid Utah Hunting License and purchasing the tag. The Books Cliff Little Creek roadless area consistently produces tremendous big bull Elk year after year Bull Elk - Landowner Tag. Each year the state of Utah issues us only so many landowner tags per given amount of acres that landowners own. These landowner tags are issued for deer and elk only. We require a 50% minimum deposit up front, then the rest of the amount due by June 1 prior to your actual hunt. These tags go quick, so send your.

A Page Out of the Book Cliffs. By ohtadmin. |. on. August 27, 2020. In 1997 I drew a coveted Book Cliffs bull elk tag. It had been 17 years since I last drew one. The bull I took in 1980 was not huge in the antler department, just a 4 X 5, but it was my first elk, and the entire experience was quite the adventure to my way of thinking hunting the book cliffs I have already shot a couple of bucks in the 26-28 range and have missed a couple of 30 bucks with the muzzleloader. I would love another 28 but the goal is 30 There is also a hunt in the Roadless area of the Book Cliffs where you really need a horse to get yourself into and the bison out. Eastmans' is a three generation media based hunting company whose goal is to promote the pursuit of elk hunting, deer hunting and all western big game. Our mission is to educate and entertain along the lines. So what was the general consensus this year for deer on the book cliffs? I'm getting close to drawing an archery tag. I was there the week after archery ended on a rifle elk hunt and we didn't see many bucks in 3 days. Largest we saw was a 130/140. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk . Oct 28, 2019; Thread Starter #43 OP

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utah_res_draw_odds_id Unit unicomp code season unit status weapon species Year Tags B. Tags Value of a Point 40 39 38 37 36 35 34 33 32 31 30 29 28 27 26 25 24 23 22 21 20 19 1 As part of the ongoing travel management process in Utah where access to over 10,000 miles of roads and trails are at stake, The BLM is currently requesting scoping comments for the Book Cliffs Area in Uintah County. This is some of Utah's wildest country with herds of elk, deer, bison, and bighor As part of the ongoing travel management process in Utah where access to over 10,000 miles of roads and trails are at stake, The BLM is currently requesting scoping comments for the Book Cliffs Area in Uintah County. This is some of Utah's wildest country with herds of elk, deer, bison, and.. Applicant by Area Statistics; Species Location Type Weapon Applicants Tags Avail. Buck Deer : Book Cliffs, North: Limited Entry: Any Weapon: 7462: 9: Buck Deer : Book Cliffs, Sout

The board also approved shortening all any-weapon spike bull elk hunts on the Book Cliffs units to five days from Oct. 9 to 13. They also approved extending the general-season any-bull archery elk hunt by five days for the next two years, and then asked to have the statewide elk committee review this change to determine if it should stay into. Utah Landowner Tags for Sale trophy hunts for Elk Deer and Antelope available on the leading Utah Hunting Tag site Hunters Domain Up to 10 Commission Conservation permits are awarded for elk and deer to various agencies to be auctioned off. These permits entitle the permit holder to hunt anywhere there is a valid hunting season for that species within the state. Permit holders must use the weapon that coincides with each hunting season. 1 Elk 14 day elk hunt comes down to the last day. I thought this would be the best year to draw an archery elk tag in Utah since the season ran until Sept. 16 which allows for better rut dates. So before the application deadline I decided to use goHUNT's Filtering 2.0 tool on INSIDER to help me find a unit that I could draw this year

Book Cliffs Limited Entry Deer & Elk Hunts 7-Day Book Cliffs Guided Bull Elk hunt $ 4500.00 7-Day Book Cliffs Guided Cow hunt $ 2950.00 7-Day Book Cliffs Guided Mule Deer hunt $ 2950.00 Book Cliffs Drop Camp (2 person minimum) $ 2250.00 Non hunting companion (per person per day) $ 150.0 Utah Book Cliffs Elk Hunt with Book Cliffs Hunting: Don V., CA: Alaska Brooks Range Dall Sheep Hunt with Henry Tiffany: David D., IN: Utah Rut Elk Hunt with J&J Outfitters: Jeff D., IA: Nevada 131 Mule Deer Hunt with Pine Peak Outfitters: Sean P., AZ: Nevada 231 Mule Deer Hunt with Mogollon Rim Outfitters: James L., A Summer is when cow elk and doe deer have their offspring. So BYU graduate students are in Utah's Book Cliffs for a study. With the help of conservation organizations like SFW, they collared cows and doe deer, and those females are now having babies

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The spike bull elk hunts on the Book Cliffs units will now only run five days (Oct. 9 to 13), but the general season any bull elk archery elk hunt has been increased by five days for the next two years - and possibly longer if the statewide elk committee sees the change as beneficial. Other hunt changes, per the board, include Neither a hunting license nor hunters safety card is required to apply. However, all Utah State regulations must be followed in order to hunt. Hunter is responsible for fees paid to the state of Utah for hunting license and elk tag. State license fees- Resident $34 ;Non-resident $65: Elk permit fees- Resident $285; Non-resident $1000 View the Next Lot Presented By Mule Deer Foundation Date- Archery- Aug 21-Sept 17, 2021 -Any Weapon- Sept 18-26, 2021 -Muzzleloader-Sept 27-Oct 8, 2021 -Any Weapon (Late) Nov 13-21, 2021 Area -Book Cliffs Bitter Creek South Weapon -Multi-Season Exclusions - Utah Hunting License Auction Rules - - All bids are binding Sometimes a Poor Notion - UT BHA Opposes Book Cliffs Highway. Elk camp at the head of East Canyon. This area would be paved over if the highway becomes a reality. Once again, the Seven County Infrastructure Coalition (SCIC) has proposed to construct a highway known as the Eastern Utah Regional Connection through the Book Cliffs

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Roadless in the Books. The roadless area of the Book Cliffs encompasses about 100 square miles. Sego is one of only a few trailheads leading into this vast wilderness. In the early 90's, with the mission of promoting wildlife habitat in the Book Cliffs, The Nature Conservancy and the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation bought a chunk of land from. So I am lucky enough to have a job that puts me out in the book cliffs for 8 days at a time and I LOVE it! The down side is that 90% of my time is spent in a pickup..... Today I saw a buck that I had seen only once before. ↳ Elk Hunting ↳ Antelope Hunting ↳ Whitetail Deer ↳ Shed Hunting ↳ Moose, Caribou, Sheep, Goat Hunting etc The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is developing a travel management plan for the remote Book Cliffs area in Uintah and northern Grand Counties—a plan that will determine where off-road vehicle (ORV) use is allowed in this stunning area for decades to come. Tell the BLM to keep motorized trails out of sensitive areas in the Book Cliffs region. The Book Cliffs travel management area. Wildlife, including mule deer, elk, wild turkey, coyote, various raptors, mountain lion, black bear, rattlesnake, and fox, populate the wilderness areas along the Book Cliffs. The abundant wildlife draws thousands of hunters to the backcountry areas of the Book Cliffs for big-game hunting With the Uinta Mountains to the north and the Book Cliffs to the south, Vernal is sandwiched between two of the West's best big-game hunting units. Oh, and don't forget the Wasatch front just to the West. Like anywhere in Utah, limited tag availability prevents Vernal from rising higher on our list

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PRICES. All elk hunts are set up in a one-on-one format with you and your guide, and are scheduled for five days. - Fully guided trophy elk hunts range in price depending on the property. Give us call for details. - We charge $150.00 per day, per person for non-hunting companions. - We provide round-trip airport transportation for $250.00 Flying J Outfitters Wilderness Elk Hunting, Deer Hunting, Fishing, Book Cliffs, Utah Elk Hunting, Utah Deer Hunting, Trail Rides, Summer Pack Trips, High Uinta Wilderness, Wasatch Mountains, Spring Bear Hunts. Utah horseback riding vacations and horseback riding day trail rides in the Uinta Mountains have never been more exciting. Flying J. Bull elk hunts are scheduled for five days of hunting; additional days may be added. Cow elk hunts are scheduled for two days of hunting. Trophy bulls average between 285 - 330 with some exceeding 340 long. Most bulls make the Boone and Crockett Club minimum, with multiple bulls ranked in the top 10 for B&C and SCI record books

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The cliffs and canyons of our ranch make a perfect place to hunt them. Red Sheep taken at White Elk Rank The Red Sheep is a hybrid between the Armenian Mouflon and the Transcaspian Urial that occurs naturally in the Mountains of northern Iran. Our Red Sheep are large body sheep weighing 150 lbs. or more mote Book Cliffs Mountains of Utah (Fig. 1). Ranchers who grazed their cattle in TSRA wanted to know how elk affected the amount of forage for their cattle on their private land and how their private land contributed to elk forage and habitat. In Utah, ranchers receive elk hunting permits to com-pensate them for elk grazing on their private land Elk hunting is one of the most exciting and challenging hunts you will ever do. The western states offer a variety of elk hunting windows; archery in early September, rifle in late September and October, and late hunts in November. It you want to hear them bugling, look for a hunt in late September in most areas Antelope are hunted north of Cisco off I-70. The La Sal and the Abajo Mountains have long been known for excellent deer and elk hunting. Southeastern Utah is one of the few areas in the nation where limited permit hunts for desert bighorn sheep are conducted. The desert terrain north of Moab offers one of Utah's best areas for chukar For example, in the roadless portion of the Book Cliffs limited entry unit in eastern Utah, odds of drawing a bull elk tag for resident applicants is 1 in 6, even with 8 preference points--that is, an eight year waiting period. For non-residents the draw odds last season were 1 in 41 with a wait of up to 13 years

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WLH is consistently harvesting more 200 mule deer bucks than any other Outfit in the Country. We guide on Utah's Premium Units and most Limited Entry Units, such as; Henry Mountain, Paunsagunt, West Desert Vernon, Oak Creek, Book Cliffs, Thousand Lake and the Doloris Triangle. We take rifle, Archery, and Muzzle loader hunts The BLM is currently seeking public input on motorized vehicle access in the Book Cliffs area. The BLM is looking to decide where motorized vehicles can be used on a wide swath of eastern Utah.The motorized access plan will cover 813,000 acres in Uintah County and 5,518 in Grand County

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Come Join Us and Experience Record Class Elk Hunting! Royal Rut Ranch is located on 5600 acres of some of Utah's most stunning scenery. This wild and rugged land has been preserved so you have the outstanding opportunity for trophy hunts with your choice of weapons such as Bow, Rifle or Muzzleloader MDF Midway - LOT 10: Bull Elk, Book Cliffs, Bittercreek South. Any Wea - Hunt and Fish Connection. MDF Midway - LOT 10: Bull Elk, Book Cliffs, Bittercreek South. Any Weapon (Live Auction March 27, starting at 8:00 Pm MST, online bidding allowed) YouTube. Hunt and Fish Connection General Season Elk - 2008. Late Season Bull - 2009. Idaho Archery Bull - 2008. Mule Deer. 2015 - Mule Deer Hunts. General Deer - 2014. Colorado Mule Deer - 2014. Brandon Muzzleloader Buck - 2013. General Deer - 2012 Congrats to Robert Lee - Week 2 Winner. We are happy to announce Robert Lee is the 4 Weeks 4 Tags week 2 winner. Robert, a resident of Utah, won the North Cache elk muzzleloader tag. We caught up with to find out his plans for the hunt Colorado Parks and Wildlife is a nationally recognized leader in conservation, outdoor recreation and wildlife management. The agency manages 42 state parks, all of Colorado's wildlife, more than 300 state wildlife areas and a host of recreational programs. CPW issues hunting and fishing licenses, conducts research to improve wildlife management activities, protects high priority wildlife.