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19/03/2021. Completed. Document management specialist Cedefop/2020/06/CA. Cedefop/2020/06/CA. Contract agent. 03/11/2020. Completed. Information systems expert & project manager Cedefop/2020/07/AD. Cedefop/2020/07/AD Previous vacancies. Code Title Vacancy notice Instructions to applicants Motivation and preselection form Deadline date Status ; Cedefop/2021/02/AST: Assistant in Operational Departments: View: View: View: 03/06/2021 13:00:00: Selection in progress: Details: Cedefop/2021/01/AD: Head of Human Resources: View: View: View: 19/03/2021 13:00:00.

Open Vacancies. Code Title Vacancy notice Instructions to applicants Cedefop solely takes into consideration the information entered into the electronic application form. We do not, in the exclusion phase, look at the attached motivation and preselection form or CV of the candidate. It is the sole responsibility of the candidate to ensure. Status Title Reference Type Closing date Open Expert in public policy analysis and evaluation Cedefop/2020/05/AD Cedefop/2020/05/AD Temporary agent 22/05/2020 Open Data analyst Cedefop/2020/04/AD Cedefop/2020/04/AD Temporary agent 21/05/2020 Open Expert in labour market and skills research Cedefop/2020/03/AD Cedefop/2020/03/AD Temporary agent 20/05/2020 Open Expert in qualifications and. Notice of vacancy for External and Interagency candidates for the post of Expert in labour market and skills research. Cedefop invites applications for the position of Expert in labour market and skills research, Temporary Agent, as follows: For External applicants, the grade offered is AD 5. Applications must be submitted on-line from the. Cedefop presents study on a common European VET methodology. 23/06/2021. Cedefop unveiled the results of a study aiming at a European methodology that will allow the comparison and analysis of the content and profile of vocational education and training (VET) qualifications. Read more Skills-OVATE offers detailed information on the jobs and skills employers demand based on online job advertisements (OJAs) in 28 European countries. It is powered by Cedefop's and Eurostat's joint work in the context of the Web Intelligence Hub. Please visit the project page to find out the latest news and publications in the OJA work

Cedefop is the EU organisation that brings together policymakers, employers' organisations and trade unions, training institutions, teachers and trainers, and learners of all ages - everyone with a stake in vocational education and training. At the crossroads between education systems and the world of work, Cedefop operates as a forum. Username: Password: Forgot password. If your application contains less than the required years of experience for the specific post, the application will be excluded as it does not meet the formal requirements and selection criteria. When assessing whether a candidate actually has the years of experience required for the job, Cedefop solely takes into consideration the information entered into. Cedefop review shows that the share of vacancies published online in EU Member States ranges from almost 50% to close to 100%. Aside of private job portals, the digitization of vacancies posted at public employment services (PES) portals significantly contributes to the rising coverage Deadline: 03/06/2021 - 12:00 (Brussels time) Location (s): Thessaloniki (Greece) Grade: AST 2. Institution/Agency: (CEDEFOP) European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training. Type of contract

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Vacancies The European Union Agency for Cybersecurity is an interesting and dynamic workplace offering a range of career opportunities not only for Information Security experts, but also professionals in the administrative, HR and ICT related areas WORK POSITIONS/Vacancies - Cedefop April 21, 2020 / in News/Annoucenemnts, Vacancies / by Myrto Katsouri. 1. Expert in public policy analysis and evaluation Deadline:22/05/2020. 2.Data analyst Deadline:21/05/2020. 3.Expert in labour market and skills research Deadline:20/05/2020 The latest issue of Cedefop's magazine promoting learning for work Skillset and match contains an article on the Cedefop breakthrough work in using online job vacancies to produce labour market intelligence entitled Cedefop checks out online job vacancies Matching Skills and Jobs provides a series of indicators on skills and labour market mismatches. Skills related indicators allow you to gauge the extent of under-utilisation of skills, under-skilling or skills obsolescence among employees in the EU. For example the under-utilization of skills means that employees report that they have higher skills that required to perform their current job Job Vacancy Details. If you have a post-secondary diploma you need a minimum of 6 years of professional experience (from the date of award of the diploma to the deadline for applications) to be eligible If you have a secondary diploma you need a minimum of 9 years of professional experience (from the date of award of the diploma to the deadline.


More jobs from European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (CEDEFOP) Data Protection Trainee; Assistant in Operational Departments; Provision of Event Management Services by a Professional Conference Organiser (PCO) Web Services for the Development, Support and Maintenance for the Cedefop's Official Website and its CRM Syste Online job vacancies (OJV) form an easily accessible source of data on skills demand by employers, thanks to advances in web crawling technologies, machine learning and big data techniques. Cedefop currently develops an EU-wide system to explore and analyse these data[1]. However, information on the use of the internet and online job market by employers is rather scarce

University degree of 3 years (0 years) Number of required publications: 0 Help text. Description: View Download Motivation and preselection form: View Download. [CEDEFOP] Head of Human Resources (Cedefop/2021/01/AD) Contract Type: Temporary staff Grade: AD8 Location: Cedefop Thessaloniki Greece Deadline: 20/03/21 Vacancy Type: Public @Cedefop [Source: CEDEFOP Europass is your free set of online tools to help you manage your career throughout your life, whether starting in your first job or looking for new challenges. With Europass you can: Create your personal record of all your skills, qualifications and experiences. Identify and reflect on your skills. Receive personalised job suggestions

Better links between education and training and the labour market was a main thread of the Greek and Italian European Union (EU) Presidency programmes of 2014. This thread guided Cedefop's work and demand for its expertise throughout the year. With youth unemployment rates at more than 40%, improving young people's employability through more work-based learning was central to both Presidency. Cedefop performs several functions in collaboration with the European Commission, national governments and stakeholders. The agency produces policy analysis of employment statistics in Europe and offers an interactive map, containing visual data on education and training for each Member State Cedefop's traineeship aims to provide university graduates and PhD students with a unique and first-hand experience of the workings of Cedefop, in particular, and of the EU institutions in general. In addition, it aims to provide an understanding of the objectives and goals of the EU integration processes and policies

Job Vacancy Details. Code: Cedefop/2018/02/CA. Title: Assistant Human Resources. Employment grade: FG III. Job vacancy experience: Post-secondary diploma (3 years) Secondary diploma (6 years) Number of required publications: 0. Help text The European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (CEDEFOP) has launched 'Skill-OVATE' - an online tool analysing online job advertisements around Europe to better understand the jobs and skills demand. Skills-OVATE provides detailed information on the jobs and skills employers demand based on online job advertisements (OJAs.

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NATO Vacancies . Please find below a list of current vacancies for international civilian staff positions available in the various NATO locations world-wide. For full details concerning a particular vacancy, please click on the links provided in the column Title 5 . 1.2.1. Employment The 2008 economic crisis resulted in lower employment. Since then, there was a decline of permanent jobs, especially for young people, and increase inpart tim Cedefop is a European Union agency which provides expertise for vocational education and training and skills. Visit our website for regular updates! Cedefop's mission is to support development of European Vocational Education and Training (VET) policies and contribute to their implementation. Cedefop's strategic objective is to. CEDEFOP (European Center for the Development of Vocational Training -Thessalonica) CERN (European Laboratory for Particle Physics Tags: un jobs, it job, job in, job it, find me a job, the un, it jobs, jobs it, jobs in it, job jobs, jobs careers, job careers, un jobs vacancies, jobs vacancies, job opportunities, jobs opportunities. The best-known CV format in Europe. The Europass CV is one of the best-known CV formats in Europe. It is easy-to-use and familiar to employers and education institutions. You will first have to create your Europass profile with information on your education, training, work experience and skills. After you complete your Europass profile, you can create as many CVs as you want with just a few.

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employers advertised 35% fewer jobs in online job portals in the second quarter of 2020 compared to the same period in 2019. This significant drop, identified using Cedefop's # SkillsOVATE system, provides insights into the impact # coronavirus has on the # labourmarket Europass, CV, Cedefop Description: Europass CV Last modified by: Nicole Kobosil Created Date: 1/10/2013 10:31:00 AM Company: kkostas Other titles

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The EBRD invests in changing lives - a mission that would not be possible without its employees. Through our financial investments, business services and involvement in high-level policy dialogue, we are well placed to promote sustainable, entrepreneurial economies with opportunities for all Europass is a set of online tools to help with creating CVs, cover letters and also help users to find jobs and courses in the EU. Europass also matches user skills and interests such as location and topic to success suitable jobs. It is a useful tool to find information on studying or working in the Europe Translator profile. This is a general profile for Commission translators. For an official list of requirements relating to a particular position, you can refer to the competition notice, call for expression of interest or call for tenders when you apply For example, Cedefop's European skills forecasting model projects that by 2025 about 48% of all job opportunities in Europe will need to be filled by individuals with tertiary-level qualifications. The ESJS also shows that about 85% of all EU jobs need at least a basic digital skills level

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Data and research on green growth and sustainable development including consumption, innovation, green cities, green energy, green jobs and green transport., Green skills, that is, skills needed in a low-carbon economy, will be required in all sectors and at all levels in the workforce as emerging economic activities create new (or renewed) occupations Source: Cedefop (2013), Skills for a Low Carbon Europe: The Role of VET in a Sustainable Energy Scenario, European Commission, Luxembourg. While it's not easy to say how many jobs will be created and/or destroyed by the greening of the economy, it is certain that th Effective career guidance helps young people realise their potential... and prevent unemployment. It also stands to play a crucial role in the recovery from the # COVID19 pandemic. To mark # WorldYouthSkillsDay, Cedefop, European Commission, European Training Foundation, International Labor Organisation, OECD and UNESCO have issued a joint leaflet on investing in # careerguidance bit.ly. Using data from the Cedefop European skills and jobs survey, a Covid-19 social distancing risk index (COV19R) is created based on skills descriptors that categorise jobs by their level of physical proximity to others and their digital intensity.It is conservatively estimated that about 45 million jobs in the EU-27 labour market (23% of total EU. Europass will guide you step by step through the process to help you create a good cover letter with all the essential information. You can create, store and share cover letters in 29 languages, choose from different templates to customise your application and share them easily from your Europass Library . Create your Europass

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  1. UNESCO (online), 20 October 2016 - More than 125 participants, policy-makers, stakeholders and experts from around the world took part in the conference titled Skills, jobs and sustainable development: global trends, local challenges which was organized by UNESCO and the European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (Cedefop)
  2. The European Commission developed the Europass in the 1990s as a standardized CV format. Its layout is user-friendly and familiar to employers in multiple countries. Foreign workers looking to move to Europe for work can use the Europass CV to apply for jobs. There are alternatives and it's important to know that it's not used in the UK
  3. Careers I Digital Skills and Jobs Platform. This section offers an overview of resources to those interested in branching out to a new career in digital and improving their skills with the aim of securing employment. It will also help those curious about what their next career move can be. Here, you can find information on digital trends, self.
  4. Cedefop, the European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training of the European Union, and the Thessaloniki Museum of Photography, the only state-run museum for photography, overseen by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, invite photographers to take part in the 4th Cedefop Photomuseum Award, which is being organised in connection with the PhotoBiennale 2012 / 22nd International.

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The common impression of skill mismatch in the European Union (EU) is one of employers unable to fill vacancies despite high unemployment. But Cedefop's European Skills and Jobs (ESJ) survey reveals a more complex problem. Skill mismatch, a term not always clearly understood, affects most of the workforce, not only those looking for a job Matching skills and jobs has become a high-priority policy concern. Skills mismatches occur when workers have either fewer or more skills than jobs require. Some mismatch is inevitable, as the labour market involves complex decisions by employers and workers and depends on many external factors. But high and persistent skill 1,536 Followers, 341 Following, 209 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from @cedefop

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  1. European skills and jobs survey (ESJS) data (Cedefop, 2015; Cedefop, 2018a) had already revealed the wide variation in technological and digital exposure characterising different economic activities in the EU labour market (Figure 1). But the impact of the pandemic on EU jobs also varies according to a range of other factors
  2. Cedefop, Thessaloníki, Greece. 14,696 likes · 70 talking about this. The European Union's reference centre for vocational education and training and lifelong learning, www.cedefop.europa.e
  3. The application form can be found in the Vacancy Notice, available on Cedefop's website www.cedefop.europa.eu. Applications must be submitted and postmarked no later than 5 February 2014. An HR company will assist in the evaluation of applicants. DEPUTY DIRECTOR (Grade AD 12) Cedefop - Θεσσαλονίκ
  4. More on Cedefop's European #skills and #jobs survey, #ESJS ️https://t.co/8Ujp1mRuoY #LMSInext https://t.co/SIWDXDO0t

Using relevant data on tasks and skill needs in jobs, collected by the European skills and jobs survey (ESJS), jobs are bundled according to their estimated risk of automation. The paper builds on the methodology of previous studies that estimate the latent relationship between 'true' automatability and job tasks (Frey and Osborne, 2013, 2017. CEDEFOP is listed in the World's largest and most authoritative dictionary database of abbreviations and acronyms. CEDEFOP - What does CEDEFOP stand for? The Free Dictionary CEDEFOP (2010) Skills for green jobs: (European Synthesis Report), Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union

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  1. The employment-population ratio—that is, the percent of the population that is employed—for persons with a disability decreased from 19.3 percent in 2019 to 17.9 percent in 2020
  2. ant is one's interest in the subjects in VET curricula and one's performance in those subjects. These are also arguments put.
  3. https://europass.cedefop.europa.eu/pt. Cinco documentos que visam apresentar as suas qualificações e competências de uma forma clara e facilmente compreensível na Europ
  4. World Bank Jobs and Careers. World Bank Jobs and Careers: Products & Services; World Bank Jobs and Careers: Overview; United Nations. Un Internships. UN Internships: Products & Services; UN Internships: Overview; Internship Programs; Internship Opportunities; Un Jobs. UN System Jobs: Products & Services; UN System Jobs: Overview; Organizations.
  5. Analysis from the Cedefop skills forecast shows that in most countries with a growing elderly population, health sectors are not expected to expand accordingly by 2030

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  1. Cedefop - Europos profesinio mokymo Cedefop - European centre for development plėtros centras of vocational training Tour Madou, 4th Floor, office 67, B-1049, Brussels jens.bjornavold@cedefop.europa.e
  2. Green growth is the pursuit of economic development in an environmentally sustainable manner. Explore how green growth can transform the world
  3. Occupational mismatch has become a major concern as it proves to be pervasive, widespread and, especially persistent in developed economies, resulting on real costs on individuals, businesses and society as a whole (Cedefop 2010, ). At the same time we have witness an increase in the general level of education in European countries, also driven.
  4. http://www.lexpress.fr/emploi/formation/la-formation-continue-mais-pas-pour-tous_1529651.html. Continue reading
  5. Schweri, J. (2014, November). Cost-Benefit Analysis and Tools - the Swiss experience. Paper presented at the expert workshop Costs and benefits of apprenticeship - a company perspective of the European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (CEDEFOP), Thessaloniki, Greece
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Apprenticeships information for Hungary | Cedefop full information with photos, videos, documents and files Previous executive vacancies: ESMA Executive Director - AD14. ESMA Chair - AD15. Chair of the CCP Supervisory Committee and Director for CCPs - AD16 Europass CV has been set-up by the European Parliament and the Council of Europe. Its aim is to help people make their skills and qualifications clearly and easily understood, enabling them to seek employment throughout Europe. download the Europass CV template, so that you can print out your CV