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  1. Moronic definition, showing a lack of good sense; stupid or idiotic:You really couldn't invent a more pathetically incompetent, Moronic, self-deluded jackass of a character than this 3. Find 26 ways to say Moronic, along with antonyms, related words, and example sentences at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. 4
  2. Sentence with the word moronic. And calling his children moronic is just flat-out unkind.That's as oxy moronic, and just plain moronic, as it gets. alexbroner. To which Mr Mitchelmore responds: Let me guess: offer them loads of cash to write drivel in moronic London newspapers?. But much more then that, how moronic is it to join in a field to go thru a 4 year program (no matter how.
  3. showing a lack of good sense; stupid or idiotic:You really couldn't invent a more pathetically incompetent, moronic, self-deluded jackass of a character than this
  4. Moronic Sentence Examples No it isn't, you ' party line pushing ' moronic dipshit. If writing games is such a jolly wheeze why is playing them so moronic? Both of them are stubborn, I said but my comment sounded moronic

1 : a foolish or stupid person once their business is over [clients] go right back to thinking you're either a crook or a moron. Realty is not a friendly business. It only seems to be Moronic definition: If you say that a person or their behaviour is moronic , you think that they are very... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and example Moronic Acid is a triterpenoid organic acid, which means it's derived from a Terpene (a hydrocarbon produced by some trees and animals). Moronic Acid is used medically, in the fight against HIV. How to use moronic in a sentence Do not follow a single one of the president or health minister's moronic decisions. BRAZIL'S BOLSONARO DENIED COVID-19 WAS A PROBLEM. NOW HE'S EMBRACING VACCINES adjective. informal. Very foolish or stupid. More example sentences. 'television's latest moronic soap opera'. 'An interesting, if not ridiculous, premise is somehow overshadowed by a moronic script filled with stupid lines.'

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I cannot comprehend what sort of moron could aim an industrial-strength firework at a block of flats full of old people.: Then again I did ask for it I called someone an emotionally immature moron.: If you're going to pelt rocks at somebody for this then you're an absolute moron.: Slinging my bag over my shoulder blade I rushed outside only to collide with some moron wearing sun glasses moronic meaning: 1. very stupid: 2. very stupid: . Learn more Examples of oxymoron in a Sentence The phrase Broadway rock musical is an oxymoron. Broadway doesn't have the nerve to let the really hard stuff in the house

Moronically: In a <xref>moronic</xref> manner 9. Beer ads show men grunting like neanderthals, repeating the same word Moronically , and generally reveling in a kind of apelike idiocy The high rising terminal (HRT), also known as upspeak, uptalk, rising inflection, upward inflection, or high rising intonation (HRI), is a feature of some variants of English where declarative sentence clauses end with a rising-pitch intonation, until the end of the sentence where a falling-pitch is applied.. Empirically, one report proposes that HRT in American English and Australian English. Offered To sentence in english. If you think we can improve, please write us at Email To Searchsentences. Searchsentences (Learn to write English) Moronic in a sentence | Short example sentence for moronic[Class 1-5] Enrich in a sentence | Short example sentence for enrich[Class 1-5]. What does moronic mean? Information and translations of moronic in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Examples of moronic in a Sentence. Ed Mullins: Welcome to the state of New York, where cop killers get to go free thanks to Gov. Cuomo's moronic and unethical parole board

moronic - translate into Czech with the English-Czech Dictionary - Cambridge Dictionar oxymoronic in a sentence January 29, 2020 Sentence Dictionary Sentence with the word oxymoronic Breath and vibration, breaking into this silent visual scene, suggest that something speechlike has happened to the representation of the Poet's desire, in oxymoronic tension with the mute thoughts on the mute walls around (120) Translate moronic into Spanish. Find words for moronic in Spanish in this Spanish-English dictionary. Traducir moronic de Inglés a español

Tampa resident Paul Hodgkins, who was photographed marching onto the Senate floor during the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol, was sentenced to eight months in federal prison last week. He got a. If a sentence doesn't have a subject and a verb, it is not a complete sentence (e.g., In the sentence Went to bed, we don't know who went to bed). Four types of sentence structure . Simple Sentences with wanton A simple sentence with wanton contains a subject and a verb, and it may also have an object and modifiers. Examples of Insensitive in a sentence. Ariel's husband tends to be insensitive, never caring much about her emotional needs. . The insensitive funeral worker hurried the procession along and scoffed at the grieving family. . Because the doctor seemed so insensitive, the patient decided to look for a provider with a more caring. Definition and high quality example sentences with moronic in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English. You are offline. Filter. Learn Ludwig. ludwig.guru Sentence examples for moronic from inspiring English sources. RELATED ( 20 ).

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  1. Moronic definition: If you say that a person or their behaviour is moronic , you think that they are very... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and example
  2. Moronic meaning in Urdu Ehmaqana احمقانہ. Moronic has 3 different meanings, translation & definations. Also with Moronic sentences, similar words, Synonyms, Antonyms and more
  3. Apr 30, 2015 at 3:56 PM. Todd Mandoline (Police photo) A DuPage County judge handed down a 39-year prison sentence Thursday to a Villa Park man whose moronic decision to set his estranged.
  4. Hodgkins, like many of the moronic participants, helped insure he would be successfully prosecuted by taking selfies during his treasonous foray in the Capitol building. Long prison sentences.

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  1. A 20-year-old British driver was given a suspended sentence for deliberately hindering an ambulance carrying a dying patient in what paramedics described as an eight-kilometre road duel
  2. al (HRT), high-rising tone, valley girl speech, Valspeak, talking in questions, rising intonation, upward inflection, interrogatory statement, and Australian Question Intonation (AQI)
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  4. Context sentences for moronic in Italian These sentences come from external sources and may not be accurate. bab.la is not responsible for their content. English (Laughter) They have all the right pieces of the puzzle, and they are too moronic to put them together correctly
  5. Translation for 'moronic' in the free English-German dictionary and many other German translations

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What does moron mean? A person who is considered foolish or stupid. (noun Idiotic definition, of, relating to, or characteristic of an idiot. See more

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  1. — People also search for: dumb, idiotic, silly, ridiculous, foolish, moronic, asinine, daft, ignorant, unintelligent, crazy, more... — Use stupid in a sentence. Commonly used words are shown in bold. Rare words are dimmed. Click on a word above to view its definition. Organize by: [Syllables] Letters: Show rare.
  2. As these women form sentences, Garfield explains, something happens to their voice, as if they have a catch in their throat.. He summons his 11-year-old daughter Ida to the microphone to.
  3. When should you use a comma? Is it grammatically correct to put a comma before and? Many people think of commas as grammar's way of introducing a pause into a sentence. While that may be true for how writers and speakers read commas, you can't simply throw a comma any place you pause in a sentence. There are strict rules that govern when you can (and can't) use commas
  4. At least 20 people are dead in El Paso, Texas, and once again some ghoul with a rifle has reignited the moronic inferno of online commentary that follows such events. Was this an act of terrorism.
  5. An oxymoron (usual plural oxymorons, more rarely oxymora) is a figure of speech that juxtaposes concepts with opposing meanings within a word or phrase that creates an ostensible self-contradiction.An oxymoron can be used as a rhetorical device to illustrate a rhetorical point or to reveal a paradox. A more general meaning of contradiction in terms (not necessarily for rhetoric effect) is.

Moronic memes. The messages usually try to appeal to an emotional, poorly thought out, gut reaction to a complex social issue. I liken it to the torches and pitchfork crowd and the mob mentality that seems to dull the good sense that (I hope) many people have. Let me give you an example A moronic hoaxer who claimed a pub had banned military personnel to avoid offending the immigrant population has been given a community order. The Globe, in Leicester, had to close temporarily.

A court may now sentence below — or above — the guidelines, the absence of moronic online behavior. Continue Reading Show full articles without Continue Reading button for {0}. The other Capitol defendants who preened about their crimes on social media should not expect a below-guidelines sentence like Hodgkins got. It's very possible Hodgkins' reduction is one that federal law doesn't recognize yet: the absence of moronic online behavior — People also search for: silly, unoriginal, hackneyed, pathetic, cheesy, unfunny, dopey, moronic, crappy, dumb, stupid, more... — Use lame in a sentence. Commonly used words are shown in bold. Rare words are dimmed. Click on a word above to view its definition. Organize by: [Syllables] Letters: Show rare words: [Yes] No: Show. I'm a democrat that will vote for McCain if the Dems are moronic enough to select this 'effete' for it's party. Source null Even Governor La Fayette, traitorous effete Feuillant dog that he was, seemed enthusiastic about the battle ahead

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gurgling in a sentence. How to use gurgling in a sentence. 10 examples of sentences gurgling. 20 examples of simple sentences gurgling . All the parts of speech in English are used to make sentences. All sentences include two parts: the subject and the verb (this is also known as the predicate) Next of Moron. Moronic: having a mental age of between eight and twelve years.. Previous of Moron. Mornay Sauce: onion-flavored creamy cheese sauce with egg yolk and grated cheese.. Download Now. Download Wordinn Dictionary for PC. How this page explains Moron ? It helps you understand the word Moron with comprehensive detail, no other web page in our knowledge can explain Moron better than. If convicted, other defendants on Capitol Hill who have looked into their crimes on social media shouldn't expect a below-guideline sentence like Hodgkins received. It's very possible that Hodgkins' reduction is one that federal law does not yet recognize: the absence of moronic online behavior Sentence example with the word 'besotted' besotted addled, brainless, dazed, far-gone, foolish, goofy, inane, jolly, moronic, sappy, thoughtless Definition adj. very drunk Last update: July 1, 2015. 0. I said to Barbara: She's making a besotted idiot of the man. a n v d [Please select] 0

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Bill Cosby's Sentence Has Been Overturned? I sure hope you're a troll and not a real-live person operating in our world with such a moronic opinion. You cannot be serious. Making excuses for rape and pervert behaviour is not okay. He should be in jail. You're right about one thing though, God will deal with him First off, this sentence sounds incorrect. It should be: Do you know where the church is, by any chance? You usually use the idiom by any chance at the end or in the middle of a sentence, but it's also grammatically correct, though not common, if you use it at the beginning of a sentence. For examples: By any chance, do you know where the. Skylar Mack arrives at the Cayman Islands courthouse (CNS): Ben Tonner QC opened arguments on behalf of Skylar Mack and Vanjae Ramgeet in the Cayman Islands Court of Appeal on Tuesday, asking the panel of judges to re-instate the magistrate's original community service order or a more appropriate sentence for the couple's now infamous COVID-19 quarantine breach More example sentences 'you could have respect for a man who fought for you, but none for this milksop, who backed away' 'Since there are few lawyers without sin it will be more and more difficult, as a result of congressional hearings, to appoint anyone but a moronic milksop.

Sentence #1: Biden was not alone in promising that help was on the way. Congress promised the same. Former President Trump sent out a similar relief check. Now President Biden, in an act of egotism, sends us a letter to let us know that help has come in the form of a $1,400 check or direct deposit for most Americans Hodgkins' sentence was lighter partly because he pleaded guilty. But something else was missing from the case — an aggravating factor present in many of his fellow defendants' cases. First, Hodgkins took the well-traveled path taken by other famous infamous criminals, such as Michael Cohen, or Felicity Huffman mo·ron (môr′ŏn′) n. 1. A person who is considered foolish or stupid. 2. A person with mild intellectual disability having a mental age of from 7 to 12 years and generally having communication and social skills enabling some degree of academic or vocational education. The term belongs to a classification system no longer in use and is now. Group think is socialized thought, so is moronic mob rule and the rise of gangs. And the implication of that is that we have entered the era of mob rule. The law in mining country was generally a function of common sense and of mob rule. He incites mob rule with his incendiary remarks, as he did on Saturday at a Michigan rally Moron Meaning in Urdu. Moron translation is Bawakoof and Moron synonym words Changeling, Cretin, Half-wit, Idiot and Imbecile. Similar words of Moron are also commonly used in daily talk like as Moronism, Moronity, Moronically and Moronic. Pronunciation roman Urdu is Bawakoof and Translation of Moron in Urdu writing script is بیوقوف

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I would like to add that people are using it now in terms of asking if someone has done something. Which is moronic unless what you're asking if they did something accidentallybut one cannot by chance, have moved or by chance, filed a police report those are things that are done with intent which is a complete oxymoron and contradictory to what the term by chance mean The phrase was popularized only in the past few years. Now it's everywhere. Cancel culture came into the collective consciousness around 2017, after the idea of canceling celebrities for problematic actions or statements became popular. Lisa Nakamura, a professor at the University of Michigan who studies digital media's connections to race. Earlier this year the deputy prime minister, Nick Clegg, pledged to abolish prison sentences for the possession of drugs for personal use - including class-A substances such as heroin and cocaine A piece describes the moronic things tourists do in national parks: hike the Grand Canyon in high heels, run at midday in Death Valley, dip their hands in 200 F geothermic pools. 13 more results not shown. felt a little awkward in a sentence.. pretty quickly in a sentence.. English Collocations Academic English Words List and Example Sentences Posted by J Johnson. Nearly 3 million people have watched a video that shows two moronic characters completely smashing up a life-saving defibrillator outside a football club. In the video, one of the vandals can be seen smashing the device to pieces as another person looks on. The incident happened at the Buxted Football Club on 13th June at.

By contrast, 73 percent accepted the sentence Ironically, even as the government was fulminating against American policy, American jeans and videocassettes were the hottest items in the stalls of the market, where the incongruity can be seen as an example of human inconsistency. Maybe something like MOronic? Finding a No Smoking sign. Sentence with the word retarded. I think the term retarded should never be used when referring to down syndrome victims due to its horrible derogatory nature, and should be reserved for idiotic morons such as Sarah Palin herself. soqrbrad wrote: Umm how about all those scandals Palin was involved in.. I think the term retarded should never be used when referring to down syndrome victims due to. Sentences Containing 'frolic' But Pip loved life, moronic pair as though they were as full of fun and frolic as the jazz-age cut-ups in Thoroughly Modern Millie Other notices, including those from Time and Newsweek magazines, were equally dismissive The Moronic Inferno. Jonathan Cape, 1986) When you write a sentence with a series of clauses, make sure that they start and end the same way. If you don't, you destroy the rhythm you've tried to establish. More important, if you use parallel structures your readers will have a more enjoyable time absorbing and understanding your facts. DJT is a corrupt,a pathological liar, a cheat, a scammer, a schemer, a liar, a user, a sexual predator, crude, crass, unknowing/uncaring, undiplomatic, a bully of the.

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Agreed, not ironic at all, more like moronic. - htm11h Jul 30 '15 at 13:04. I would like to know more about the author of the sentence and what establishes laws of irony in his/her context or is this simply expressing a reference to the definition. - htm11h Jul 30 '15 at 13:22. 1 A Logline gives the gist of your book in a sentence. It tells something about the main character, the conflict, and the stakes. So, the WHO, the WHAT, and the WHY of your story. A Tagline is a ARAPAHOE COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) - What is believed to be the longest sentence anywhere in the United States for human trafficking was given out on Tuesday in the Arapahoe County courthouse. Brock.

I sat down at 4:07 p.m. and ordered two waffles. Some syrup, some butter and BAM! I crushed those things. Overall, I'm feeling good and have already shaved two hours off my sentence Vandalism sentence examples:1.the deaths occurred when police acted to stop widespread looting and Vandalism2.it lacked a plan, strategy, front line or regular armies, but it had plenty of Vandalism and ethnic hatred.3.the body is constructed of die-cast aluminum alloy with a polycarbonate dome cover to resist Vandalism a Krauss: Well, I read a moronic philosopher who did a review of my book in the New York Times who somehow said that having particles and no particles is the same thing, and it's not. The quantum.

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6/10. Hits a few key demographics: Cancer survivors, mixed marriages, cheating wives, and the late bloomer lesbian mom. Ed-Shullivan 10 March 2018. Although this premiere TV episode comes across as a high quality big screen production in which it does have its moments there is more to be desired A judge told a driver she displayed moronic stupidity by deliberately and repeatedly blocking an ambulance which was carrying a dying patient. Annika Avery, 20, of Leicester, was given a five-month prison sentence, suspended for two years. She had already admitted dangerous driving Longer sentences deter homicide more effectively than shorter sentences do. Studies show this. (Blargrifth and interigi) and the intentional focus on moronic hypothetical situations that when. Can you even finish a thought or a sentence Joe? The man cannot even finish a sentence. He just opens the southern border for whatever scum wants to cross into this country at the tax payers expense. Things are going great! This man has no idea what day it is. When was the last time he golfed? Shit he can't even walk up or down a flight of stairs Death Sentence follows Bacon's Nick Hume on vengeance-driven quest after a gang of thugs interferes with Hume's happy existence. Hume goes after the gang, the gang goes after him, and odds are that no one will live to tell the tale. The bones of the narrative are sound, but the story is full of weak characters and implausible arcs

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